Lenovo ThinkPad P1 Review

Dave2D review of Lenovo’s Thinkpad P1- the thinnest and lightest workstation laptop they make.
ThinkPad P1 – https://amzn.to/2QpUK7p

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  1. Dave2D

    The ThinkPad P1 is ripe – It's one of the best performing thin and light laptops on the market. Thanks for watching!

  2. aditya gawhale

    I faced each and every issue you mentioned, the ctrl button is in the wrong place and the red centre cursor doesn’t make sense… I was wondering why people like Lenovo keyboards with so much flaws and the travel distance also is a lot, it takes more time to type

  3. coyz

    Waiting for your review in thinkpad x1 nano…

  4. Mike

    Lenovo has utility to change Fn and Ctrl key positions programmatically, so there is no need to get used if you don't want to

  5. Mark T Moats

    @heybrother Did I tell you that this tablet sucks with charging

  6. Connor Burke

    I wish I had known about this laptop when I was searching for a new one. For some reason, I knew nothing about GPUs, or anything like that in laptops (I only new about ram and storage…). I instead got a Thinkpad P43s, which to be honest is absolute garbage. If you are thinking about getting the P43s or the P14s, don't. It thermal throttles like mad, and if you want to do any form of gaming, you can't. It can pretty much only do CAD, and it can only do it unplugged, because for some reason having it plugged in makes performance worse (how?). Sorry I had to rant…

  7. Maseeh Siddiqui

    Hay Dave, could you please review P15v … I am a student and need something for my Mechanical engineering studies from home (because of COVID19)

  8. Kipper Klank

    macbook pro can suck it at that performance at that price.

  9. Kipper Klank

    Its funny. you can show some people how amazing this laptop is for the same damn price and they will STILL run right back to a god damn mac book pro smh

  10. philip philip

    Xeon is overkill Amd would have made laptop the price a little cheaper.

  11. Retro_Gamer_UK

    Hi @Dave Lee can you do one on the T14? I find this one so good for value. Ryzen 7 pro 4750u, 1T SSD, 32gig fast ram, low power 1080p screen, huge battery life, light to medium gaming with NO DEDICATED GRAPHICS!

  12. Nuralian Athamna

    just be aware than whe n you buy it forgett about any support , it took about 30 days untail i get it , and i have technical issue(flashing screen +the charger stop charging ) until now (30 )days i didnt get any help , the only email i got that they are busy , and having a lot of coustemers , and they have two companies ( digtal river = that will sell u, and another supporting company , so u will never get support , fuck , for 2500 euro i hoped at least for , Apple kind of support ,

  13. an1rb

    My Thinkpad has a BIOS setting to swap the Fn and Ctrl keys.

  14. Paul

    You can change the ctl and fn key functionality in bios

  15. ty

    I think you can switch the ctrl and fn position in BIOS. At least you could with older TPads

  16. Big sale now – upto 50% off even on gen 3 – grab one –

    👌😎🙏🙏 I own a Gen 1 – since 2 plus years – it rocks – loving it I SAP VMs and it’s awesome🔥👍👍

  17. Mr Vu

    Honestly, as long as the Lenovo Thinkpad still exists, i wont use anything else.
    1. The design is classic
    2. The build quality is always top notch
    3. The keyboard is always amazing
    4. It is just SIMPLE AND WORKS.

  18. TexasCat99

    Hope Dave remembers the next time he reviews ThinkPad computers, he remembers to tell people they can swap the Fn <> Ctrl keys in BIOS or software.
    But overall, Lenovo should just go ahead and swap them anyway. The Control key is used much more than the Fn key nowadays. I think it hurts than it helps by keeping the old-style.

  19. Siddharth c

    The ecc RAM is specific to the Xeon processor only, not on the i9/i7/i5 processors

  20. zachary prentice

    I know this is is an old video now but you can remap the control/function keys in the thinkpad bios.

  21. Alberto Lebron

    no technical review,, why why,, people who looking to buy this laptop, is asking under the hood,, how many sdd slots, memory slots and maximum, that's why don't follow you clowns

  22. Puskar Pathak

    @Dave2D, will much appreciate if you could do review on new generation P1 product ( P1 gen 4), thanks

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