You are currently viewing Lenovo Y530 Review – Thin Bezel Gaming For $930

Lenovo Y530 Review – Thin Bezel Gaming For $930

Review of the Lenovo Legion Y530 – The best gaming laptop from Lenovo under $1000.
Legion Y530 –

With thin bezels and good build quality, Lenovo has heavily improved their Legion laptop this year. It’s less expensive than the Legion Y570 but retains the performance. This is the cheapest gaming laptop I’ve seen with thin bezels like this. Configurable with a GTX 1050 Ti and 8th gen Intel processors, performance is very respectable for current titles.

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  1. Dave2D

    NO MORE RED AND BLACK. YESSSSSSSSS. If you want a good looking gaming laptop on a budget, this should probably be on your short list. I think Lenovo crushed it this year. Anyone else love this design?

  2. Need help from this legion, when i always open my laptop and go for google chrome it always not respond and it last 2-5 mins. What can i do? I need help, im student and for my online class.

  3. Kshitij Rajput

    Hi i have been using the most basic version of this product. It is quite an impressive machine for its price. The screen is actually as bright as other Lenovo laptops but it doesn't appear bright because the screen is matte. Lenovo needs to bump up the brightness a little bit.
    Also, this is more of a content creation laptop than a gaming one. Works great with premiere pro, Photoshop, Keyshot (3D rendering software) and ofc all other 3D softwares.
    The screen can also give you a headache at times. I just use to on night mode all the time. Its helps with reducing the blue light.

  4. Levi LA

    Glad i got this laptop after watching the video, no regrets 😛 thanks dave

  5. harminder singh

    Hi please give me the answer…Dell G3 (refresh)or Lenovo Y540 with i5 intel, GTX1650 Nvidia , 8 gb ram , 1TB ssd. My major concern is thermals and display.

  6. Ian Hammer
    Stay away! Lenovo is the biggest fraud and scammer in the computer industry. My Lenovo Ideapad S540's body deformed in 9 days. And they refused the change the laptop with tons of funny excuses. It is the worst laptop I've ever used. And if you buy Lenovo, you are all alone with no customer support. I am just warning you guys. I am sure "only one person's" comment is not very important but please check trustpilot reviews before buy Lenovo.

  7. Tarun Luthra

    Using it for 10 months and now the battery issues are killing me. The battery suddenly drops from 30% to 0 for no reason. Do not buy this.

  8. Max Kochkin

    Hmm, got this laptop last year my gaming experience is choppy and terrible with the +8gb extra ram upgrade and as a boot drive i updated it to an nvme SSD 256gb from Samsung that has good reads and writes. The laptop I got has an I7 8750h which is better then the I5 despite the same GTX 1050ti 4gb Graphics, My gaming experience is awful in World of Warcraft shadow lands or Diablo 3 and Fortnite. Something isn't right i am taking this device to BestBuy Geeksquad to check it out! Amazing review you got my comment and Like!

  9. Jaka Zitnik

    Where did you get the video of colored air bumping together (1:03)? i wanna watch it! thanks in advance <3

  10. Skarrin

    I am so impressed that I saved up for years and bought the lenovo Legion 5 AMD
    (Its usually costlier in India)

  11. Yaser Arafath

    Dave why don't you do a complete video on different legion laptops like from 2018 to 2021 what all the changes they have made and how the performance level. Not only in legion but like acer predator , nitro etc

  12. Sohaib Jafferey

    Hello There, I had a query. What does the type c port do in this laptop?

  13. Sanskar Kaazi

    Were there 2 slots for ssd or just one? If I wanted to put a newer ssd with a bigger size.. would i need to replace it or is there a slot for an extra one?

  14. Udin

    I could get myself a new laptop for 60fps privileges for my videos. Also, thanks for your reviews. I am thinking of getting a new laptop since I have an MX150 which isn't powerful but is playable on most games.

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