Lenovo Y700 (14″) Review – AMD M375 vs GTX960M

Radeon R9 M375 vs GTX960M. Is it worth buying the budget/cheapest 14″ Lenovo Ideapad Y700?
Purchase here: – http://amzn.to/211dyZG
A comprehensive review covering an unboxing, build quality, internal hardware, screen, keyboard, trackpad. With extensive video editing and gaming performance tests. The 15″ and 17″ Y700 have such similar performance to many of the laptops I’ve reviewed on this channel so I decided to do the 14″ one first.

Which is the best Y700 screen size? Watch this video to find out! =)

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  1. ch1ck3n1337

    Does anyone know if you can run Dishonored 2 with this laptop on any settings?


    On this EXACT same day… 1 year later… I watch this

  3. Ian Profeta

    I LOVE ITT COZ ITS MAD CHEAP! Very affordable, actually planning on changing my MacBook Air….Planning on getting this one….

  4. Rio Unboxing's

    Unboxed "Unbox Therapy " shirt on my channel (: check me out.

  5. d

    I just bought this laptop recently and wanted to add another 8GB RAM to it. When removing the bottom cover I noticed that 2 of the 11 screws were completely stripped. I am now waiting for a stripped screw extractor kit to come in from Amazon to take out these screws, but this problem really pissed me off. I'm thinking Lenovo put these screws intentionally……………..

  6. Mark Wolf

    Odd mine I just got is I5 6300 with 1tb and same graphics.
    Got it for $500 US

  7. guitarman

    I'm looking at the same laptop, but it has a 4 core i5 6300hq and a 4gb r9 m375 (And a 128gb ssd) that costs $700. How well will it run battlefield 1? Can it run it at 900p medium settings with 60fps?

  8. Jacob Guernsey

    This review is what convinced me to buy this laptop, I got it about a year ago, and still love it! (it is my first gaming laptop) It is great for an on the go, affordable gaming laptop. I play games like Total War on medium or custom settings with somethings on high pretty well. I also can play NBA 2k18 on pretty much all high settings on a slightly lower resolution, or all medium settings with texture on high with 1080. Which is perfect for a casual gamer like me. Perhaps, when I get out of college I will upgrade, but it is great for my situation!

  9. CoOco

    But i have this laptop!Have a nice sound and nice keyboard but the touchpad it`s so bad!

  10. Jack Sparrow

    would this laptop be good for college and a little bit of gaming, movies and college PROGRAMMING? I found a deal on a used one for 400 dollars.

  11. TC

    I just purchased this laptop for $300. I travel every few months for about 3 days at a time and just wanted something to game on and surf the web. I was blown away by the sound and I've had no issues so far. Amazing used deals out there for this.

  12. Zach

    Dont buy the AMD Lenovo Y700… Its legit ass cant even run CSGO over 60 fps…

  13. Mighty Siraz

    All 800$ laptops 1k+ in my country.. 😑😑😑 fuck sellers

  14. Jason Z

    Mine fucking Lenovo y700 is $2000 and more

  15. Eric Barth

    You sir, are a great product reviewer. Nice video. Nice Info.. ..I rarely give such compliments.

  16. Cal Hoeppner

    so my cousin just bought this lapotop but the one with the amd r9. Its trash to say the least. He can only run fortnite on lowest settings at about 40fps. Is this normal?

  17. Ferdous Qaem

    I have lenovo ideapad y700 with 5gb dedicate graphics and 16 gb ddr4 rams and also 1TB hard drive is it good or no??

  18. Swankie


    What is the Video Ram? (VRAM / Video Memory)?

  19. giorgos atassi

    Guys is worth to buy the laptop today ?? (2019) Answer me please !

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