Lenovo Y910 Review – The Ultimate Gaming Setup!

My review of the Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO Y910 (GTX 1070). The best value all-in-one gaming setup on the market right now. Covering build quality, internal hardware, gaming and video editing performance.
Available Here – http://amzn.to/2gR4963

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  1. Dave

    I just got the dell inspiron 2700 (ryzen 1700 and 580 8GB) how does it compare? Would be interested to see your view on the amd alternative!

  2. Michael Harms

    What kind of video editing software do u use and how much does it cost

  3. Phantom Assasin

    Have they refreshed this thing yet or not
    Would buy it in a sec if it gets some thunderbolt 3 magic inside
    I am not buying any electronic without USB C for the next few years

  4. Emmet

    "Upgrade for the next generation or two" RTX hahahaha…..

  5. Camille L.

    Hi, do you know if a successor is planed with the design from the newer lenovo laptops ? (y530 y730)

  6. Huke Skypotter

    I am not sure why but you seem extremely biased towards Lenovo products. For that price, you can get a much better gaming machine with a better monitor. Also, no TB3?

  7. What are thoughts about dell Inspiron aio 7775. Is it better than lenovo aio Y910.

  8. Burzin

    Can you add a 2nd 4k monitor to this PC?

  9. Sationixus

    Gaming PC with no real cooling. Never again gonna buy AIO.

  10. Lays 6005

    If you have one that’s $ 999.99 and core i7 is it better than the $ 1700 with core i5

  11. Klapitan

    man dave you still got thing around or was it just a review unit (probably is, but worth the shot)? is it for sale?

  12. Nemorette

    is it available to buy now ?? i want them so much {y520tower} and others xd

  13. Mason

    when i can afford it, i'd make sure to purchase one
    my pc is one of those cases when if want to upgrade let's say my cpu, i'd be better off bying a whole new pc, so this option gets all checks for me

  14. Jolteron

    Who else is watching this in 2020 and realized this machine is obsolete for the new RTX 3000 series?

  15. K Jay

    can AIO pc upgrade GPU or Ram like desktop PC ?

  16. I HATE lenovo for making this kind of crazy things. Opened Lenovo Ideacenter aio F0EU to put m.2 ssd and damaged screen while opening.

  17. Alexander Li

    Bought this thing 4+ years ago for 1400, upgraded to rtx2080 2.5 years ago. Still going strong, absolutely great value. Got me through high school and college, perfect size and formfactor for dorm room too.
    Too bad Lenovo never updated this product.

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