Lenovo Yoga Book Review – Who is This For?!

Dave2D Review of the Lenovo Yoga Book. Is this thin 2 in 1 laptop as good as it seems?

Available here: http://shop.lenovo.com/us/en/tablets/lenovo/yoga-book/yoga-book-android

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  1. Kim T

    The keyboard stop working for me after 3 month. When you press a letter it will go to another letter around the one you’re pressing.

  2. sharma anmol

    i want it v badly but my parents r not aloowing me 😫😫😫 i dont know what to do

  3. Pupster

    Lenovo idea pad 330s amd version please

  4. san javier

    Can the bottom ink display, be use as an E-book reader? Does the ink bottom comparable with pdf, Ebook, epub and or kindle?

  5. Stuti Kansal

    did this tablet have pen with it ? did it have expandable memory ? did It have enough memory for video editing and photo editing softwares, for taking pictures , for daily use, for watching videos and movies, for listening music, for reading books? can i work on this tablet for more than 10 hours on multiple programs without worrying about tablet getting hanged ? tablet i can work with external hard disk and pen drives and can be easily carried with us anywhere on any trip

  6. Tristan Snook

    That paper feature is a God send for me. I am a highschool student and it is amazing for note taking
    Edit: I use a Bluetooth mechanical TKL keyboard for large typing projects

  7. Nygel

    you CAN use the pen on the screen actually

  8. G0nimedeZ

    It's so ridiculously stupid I thought Apple made it

  9. Xil_Ef

    The stylus actually works on the display

  10. "I would highly recommend the Android version"

    My mind is racing with the potential of this with tablet friendly Linux Distro

  11. ゆう

    now this is the man that should've retouched the mystic lamb

  12. Rennie Ash

    I got one second hand with a cracked keyboard. It's a cool device, though I'd like more power and of course a fully working keyboard ;p I've got the windows version and the trackpad has "buttons" on either side.

  13. maxresdefault

    This feels like the device chromeOS was made for. Why doesn’t it give that as an option?

  14. Ian Hammer

    Stay away! Lenovo is the biggest fraud and scammer in the computer industry. My Lenovo Ideapad S540's body deformed in 9 days. And they refused the change the laptop with tons of funny excuses. It is the worst laptop I've ever used. And if you buy Lenovo, you are all alone with no customer support. I am just warning you guys. I am sure "only one person's" comment is not very important but please check trustpilot reviews before buy Lenovo. trustpilot.com/review/www.lenovo.co.uk

  15. tcobell1314

    I have legit no idea who the hell would want a android laptop lol

  16. shimå-kuň

    What kind of number is the lenovo cause its makimg me confused there numbers that i want to buy this laptop

  17. Tiago Mirassol

    Sup? Still worth to buy it in late 2020 ? To daily use on the university ? Use zoom and office ? Thanks

  18. jakearoni124 _

    My dad bought this for me and it's soooooo slowwww

    P.s. I'm writing this comment on it lol


    Will Lenovo refresh Yoga Book with 12-13" screen, Snapdragon 8CX, and Windows 11?

  20. Henry Romero

    great for online classes especially if you're a math teacher like me.

  21. Dexter Rex Salas

    The product is a piece of sh*t to be honest. Total waste of money. It fails both as a tablet and as a laptop. You presented it too wrll Dave. Like a salesman.

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