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Wishlist the game: https://store.playstation.com/en-us/concept/10007125

LEVEL ZERO is an asymmetric survival horror PvP where a team of scientists must repair the electrical systems to escape. Light is your weapon – use it wisely to collect loot and slow down the monsters. As a monster, use various telepathic abilities to counter the light and hunt down scientists.

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  1. TestaParker

    Play really loud noises with people running down the hallway, that should stimulate the audience and entice them to play our game.

    No. No it didnt.

    It looks like every other piece of garbage that comes out these days.

  2. Arthur Morgan

    So… Ghostbusters Spirits Unleashed but with aliens? Now I've seen everything…

  3. Goatsee

    Another disappointment by PlayStation. Please go bankrupt. Don’t buy this game.

  4. NadyX

    Ego Perspective 👎👎👎 im Out!

  5. The Joker

    So they don't have weapons just a flare? What happened did the Democrats take their guns also?

  6. First Last

    The thing that stuck out to me the most was how off the footstep sounds were compared to the animation.


    Sort of looks like Alien: Isolation meets Counter Strike. I'm in.

  8. Rave

    Its a pure pvp game, this will fail bad.

  9. RaNdUm ChRiS

    Why does the thumbnail look like Kevin Smith crying in a spacesuit?😂

  10. El Jefe

    Another space game running from aliens, no thanks.

  11. Matteo Bovo

    If it wasn't multiplayer, I'd be a lot more interested. I'll still check new info on it when they come.

  12. Some One

    I just watched the trailer & thought something like this on sony psvr 2 would be awesome 🤗

  13. Nate

    This looks scary and fun too play with friends 😂

  14. Hmm Doh

    Alien Franchise: Excuse me?!
    It look so hard at level zero i wonder what level one be like

  15. Michael Diaz

    Bro, amazing graphics multiplayer this game is gonna be amazing

  16. Ariel Lezcano

    Althought Im not a fan of running I prefer combat but the game has potencial.

  17. Renan

    Interessante esse game, muita inspiração em Alien e podendo jogar como o monstro ou humano aparentemente

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