LG G3 OLED TV Day 2 | vs S95C | Testing, Gaming, & More!

Day 2 of Live testing and first impressions for the 2023 LG G3 OLED TV joined by @GamingTech-YouTube also Best Buy now has LG G3 available https://howl.me/cjwz0map0vY and C3 https://howl.me/cjwzTdLiQhb these links are affiliate links and you are supporting the channel if you order from that link thank you.

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  1. J

    Is it possible to game on filmmaker mode to avoid the downsides of a dimmer game mode?

  2. Hattori Hanzõ

    Good stuff KG! Yesterday the S95C arrived and compared this extensively with my X950H, G2 and S95B. The active hdr tone mapping on the S95C is the best new feature for me. In HDR movies i was using contrast enhancer on Low and Gamma -2 to get the same brightness effect as i also have with the X950H at the cost of raising the entire picture. With the S95C this is much better, also the colors are better as i like to use the Native color space. I now will only use contrast enhancer on SDR movies (not in sdr gaming). The HDR gaming brightness on PS5 is higher and even gives more impact

  3. GosumassB

    Samsung is a bit brighter but the LG is not that bad either!

  4. thanks for the comparison… for me S95C is the king!
    finally do you know if the new panel s95C can be easily cleaned or is it like the old s95b that it is very difficult to remove stains in the screen?

  5. Rossi MadDog

    Maybe the made it little less bright for burn in reasons in game mode. Maybe the s95c will burn in quicker with 12hour+ gaming session with static huds from 1 game everyday.

  6. JesseMcgreg

    Love the comparison. I saw your video comparing skin tone between s95b and s95c. Is skin tone better in g3 too?

  7. Joe kallis

    You prefered last year the pop on the s95b on game mode now you dont prefer the pop on g3 on game mode and in my opinion the red is so much punchier on the g3 thats great for gamers

  8. Dean Mctighe

    Yes KG go into game mode. Turn it off then go into TV settings and then it’ll be there then go back out of the term game mode on and then it’ll be there for you.

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