LG G3 OLED TV Full Review | Can MLA Truly Be LG’s Answer To QD-OLED?

This is a full review for the 2023 LG G3 Gallery Series OLED TV w/ MLA technology it is applicable to screen sizes 55″ 65″ & 77″, & not the 83″ as that will not feature MLA.

TV does not feature a stand in the box here the one I used below
PERLESMITH Tabletop TV Stand – https://amzn.to/41qos0I

Purchasing the G3 from certain retailers like Best Buy will include a LG stand for the G3 with your purchase.
Please consider purchasing your LG G3 OLED w/MLA Technology below on one of these affiliate links, thank you!

55″ –
Best Buy – https://howl.me/cjwz1my6z7K
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65″ –
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77″ –
Best Buy – https://howl.me/cjwz0map0vY
Amazon – https://amzn.to/3KGdm26

Other TV Picks

Samsung S95C QD OLED
Samsung – https://howl.me/cjI1WXqePhu
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Samsung S90C QD OLED
Samsung – https://howl.me/cjI1WXqePhu
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Amazon – https://amzn.to/3np8CVn

Samsung QN90C
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Amazon – https://amzn.to/3KmtpSB

Best Buy – https://howl.me/cjwzY4xfhM1
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Samsung S95B QD-OLED:
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Amazon: https://amzn.to/3JszfOn

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  1. giovanni

    KG, would it be worth upgrading my 77” A80CJ ( still got that Costco warranty) to a 77” G3? Since you have seen them in person is there a drastic difference?

  2. Matthew Maneri

    So will we get qd-oled with mla technology?? Seems like the best of both worlds.

  3. Icipher4

    Solid review. Can't wait to see this TV in person.

  4. Justin Case

    I can't unsee the green push on the G3. I want a better white than a green tint.

  5. Steve Coates

    Great review KG. So now im down to this or the QN95C.

  6. Jim Jim

    The footage on the Samsung looks more natural. I'm using S95B for almost a year now and can't be any happier.

  7. nick nickname

    Imagine an MLA QD-OLED with Sony processing but with the tiny exception of lg ABL in its game mode and lg oled care settings

    Anyway, based on rtings, S95C in game mode over brightens everything and doesnt follow eotf correctly and G3 gets basically as dim as a G2 in many situations

    However, the problem with g3 is that if you want to get the color brightness level of s95c, you would lose accuracy. You'd have to push white subpixle so hard that the colors get diluted and you cant achieve creator's intent.
    That's why lg game mode is not as bright and colorful, cuz the whole point of hgig is to get accurate picture, and you cant get that with not accurate colors

  8. Adam Hiniker

    Great review! Do things like bright/neon lights still appear whiter on G3 vs. QD-OLED?

  9. Kevfactor

    I have a s95b shipping here pretty soon. I got it from a action site that works with retailers. Thanks for the help. Can’t wait lol. Now just the anxiety of seeing if it’ll get here in one piece

  10. Winston Rhock

    When your paying this amount of money for a tv lg Samsung or Sony it’s criminal not to pair with a decent soundbar. Don’t skimp now lol imo decent sound is just as important as the video. And makes a world of difference vs any built in speaker system. With that said qd oled all the way. I rather have the brighter colors than the brightest overall picture.

  11. Hydro

    With the G3, do you think it better to get a LG sound bar vs other sound bars, since a LG sound bar will use the processor in the G3?

  12. Grim Reaper

    Hey KG. This screen optimization notification keeps popping up on my S95C. Saying it needs to optimize my tv screen & needs to restart it. Can I make this optimization stop & how long does it take?

  13. Juan Pablo V

    Lg should just buy the qd panels from Samsung and call it a day haha

  14. truthx7

    Your camera quality is excellent.the only thing I would say is to zoom out a little or keep your face and upper body in focus

  15. Paul Shelton

    Great review KD. Have you heard of a difference between 77 and 65 sizes in terms of quality/banding etc this year as it was reported last year?

  16. Herb Matthews

    Only of the few reviews of the G3 that slams it’s game mode in favor of S95C- you’re a lone wolf in that respect. I don’t think S95C has a heat sink does it?

  17. LayerZlayer 2000

    G3 and the world is fine it's perfect no issues at all and 1400-1500nits in Gaming mode and filmaker mode perfection colors are freaking awesome very accurate to what the Regisseur wanted

  18. BaSiC47

    I think MLA technology was ready long time ago but LG had no need to release it because there was no competition. This changend with QD OLED from Samsung.

  19. Charlie

    We just got the 77" S90C it's absolutely stunning

  20. Dave

    I would like to ask you a question that has been afflicting me for some time. I ordered the new G3 65" MLA today after having last year's G2 model for months. But is the color depth higher on the G2 or is it due to the G3's peak brightness camera not rendering video? Do you think I made a good purchase? Thanks

  21. Mythoti

    When "Too damn high" popped up on the arcade machine behind you to chime in it's thoughts on the Sony tax I rolled on that 😂 btw if you get the chance to catch Super Mario Bros on a QD-OLED, Jesus Christ man, renewed my love for Mario but also made me wish Nintendo would get their f*ckin act together and hook up a system that can hold its own graphically to produce a game to match instead of living under a rock and using tech from 10 years ago, who even owns a 1080p tv anymore 🥴

  22. sergio canosa

    I have the CX, and I want to change but I don't know what to do because my intention was the G3 but the game mode thing bothers me, I don't know what to do, Digiyal trends, he said he couldn't choose between the 2, you think with a firmware Is it possible to fix the decrease in brightness in game mode?

  23. GhostofMS

    I looked at this in the store and I looked at the s95B which just happened to come back in stock yesterday and I went with the S95B. Hope I made a good choice

  24. Freckles II

    Can LG stop dicking around and give the C series the same brightness as the G series. Some of us don't want to buy an ugly separate stand or wall mount a tv.

  25. JesseMcgreg

    Good video, the deal breaker for me is definitely the game mode and the higher price without the stand. I will have more faith on lg If the game mode is fix. Will you do the qn90c review too?

  26. baby panda

    Actually disappointed on the LG3 because not really any improvement Sony and Samsung OLED 95series a lot better

  27. Brent Plummer

    Appreciate the video and notably the specifics on YouTubeTV and sports content which will he one of my primary uses when my 77” G3 is installed later this week.

  28. Rene

    What about raised blacks when there is ambient light compared to the S95C? This is a complete no go for me with the S95C but sadly no reviewer compares this in their comparison of those 2 TVs. (I heard that there's also some raised blacks on the G3 so this is why I am interested)

  29. John

    lol, I am liking the QN90C in some shots. How was the color banding on the G3?

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