LG G3 vs Samsung S95C | The Hardest Video I’ve Ever Made

The LG G3 with MLA technology is one of the brightest OLED TVs we’ve ever seen, but the Samsung S95C with QD-OLED technology could best it with color brightness. Both TVs offer exhilarating picture quality, but is one conclusively better than the other. Which OLED TV should you buy? We placed the two side-by-side and agonized over this comparison to provide you with the best possible advice.

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🛒 77-inch S95C: https://howl.me/cjIQZzVw7oX

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Models in LG G3 Series: 55-inch: (OLED55G3PUA), 65-inch: (OLED65G3PUA), 75-inch (OLED77G3PUA), and 83-inch (OLED83G3PUA)

Models in Samsung S95C Series: 55-inch: (QN55S95CAFXZA), 65-inch: (QN65S95CAFXZA), 77-inch (QN77S95CAFXZA).

00:00 Intro
02:52 Design & Features
05:18 Sound
05:43 Brightness
07:11 Accuracy & Color
11:26 Upscaling & Motion
12:59 Dolby Vision
15:52 Burn-In Risk
16:23 Final Thoughts



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  1. Caleb Loves Tech

    Hey everyone. Really sweated this one. Hope I did ok for you and you find this video helpful. Also, I know those of you into gaming will correctly point out that it seems the G3’s game mode picture preset is dimming the image and for you that might sway you, but also the lack of DV support and supposed burn-in risk of the S95C sways a lot of folks as well. As only a casual gamer, I don’t feel like I want to weigh in too heavily on that aspect, so I’m leaving it for other creators to handle. I’ll just say I’ve had a ton of fun playing just about everything but FPS games on both. Thanks again! And keep those comments coming! Love ‘em!

  2. K

    Buy the one with the tv stand

  3. Would you recommend either one for someone who watches varied content with closed captioning /subtitles turned on 95% of the time? The only time I don't use captions is live sports because it's way behind the onscreen action and games that don't have them.

  4. Gerard

    Best advise…
    1. Buy it next year for half the price.
    2. Buy a decent wall mount that can bring out the TV around 70cm (27 inches) into the room (increases screen size about 10 inches for free)
    3. Buy the Samsung, because the one connect box works al lot easier with flexible wall mounts 😉

  5. Ztcpsp

    I think once the warmth is toned down ever so slightly on the s95c, its the winner

  6. David Palmer

    Don't worry Caleb, most of us can't afford either of these TV's.

  7. Jalal O'dean

    I like the colours of the Samsung, so Dolby vision shouldn't matter since HDR 10 & dolby vision aren't that different to me at all
    (but i think Samsung should consider adding it to their next one tho😁)

  8. Kahl Dragonborn

    No shot Dolby Vision looks far superior to HDR 10 and HDR 10 + It really is a big diference especially when you watch both contents on the same Oled Tv. Really what I would go for is price I beileve.

  9. GamerTech72

    Im a huge Lg fan and Dolby vision as well so easy pick for me.

  10. Brent Titus 2:13

    LG 5 year warranty on labor and parts first year. Next 4 years labor is on the customer. Samsung 1 year warranty.

  11. J

    I lean towards g3 but would have to see in person and I do look forward to your conversation on Dolby vs non

  12. Cosmin42

    G3 all the way , I'm very happy with it . I avoid Samsung costumer service and missing DV . LG is a better tv any day with 5 year warranty.

  13. chuck cole

    I have a six month old Sony that has a software Problem that can’t be fixed , just call the Sony tech support they will tell you the same thing.

  14. Donald Oakes

    I have one major gripe on the Samsung: The OneConnect! It is a nuisance as an HT Installer. My biggest issue I have with your video, based on it, was "run it in the wall." It is NOT CL2 or CL3 rated. I don't know about most states building codes, but in NC it is illegal to run in the wall. It is also against BBY's SOP for it to be ran in the wall. The in-wall rated version is not readily available for purchase and, if it was, it would be much more pricey. The only gripe about the LG is that you need a clock plug (resessed) or a power extension kit… I don't love the Wii remote effect, but you can quickly get it to go away…


    Samsung's remote's simplicity helps you to navigate in the dark, without having to look at the remote,
    Easier for muscle memory

  16. Marcus Coster

    I thought the reason Dolby Vision support is a big deal is because most HDR content only supports one standard or the other, so you're just able to see more stuff in HDR if you support all the standards. Not because of one standard being drastically better than the other.

  17. Samsung just needs to add Dolby Vision to their TVs. It doesn't even matter if it doesn't make a difference. When you're spending that kind of money, you don't want to have any anxiety about that kind of stuff. It just makes the decision easier.

  18. Thanks for another great video presentation! We have the exact feelings on these two premium TVs! I liked and shared this video on many Facebook groups and A/V Forums.

  19. Big Mike

    Sounds like the Sony 95L is going to be the one to beat

  20. ilustrisima

    I like the volume of color from Samsung and the fact that it comes with a base to put the TV on, but from LG I like the construction quality of the TV, and that it is more reliable in terms of image retention and burn-in, I don't know which one I like it is better

  21. Dustin Hall

    What are the advertised Peak Brightness nits for each one?

  22. matt giunta

    Can I program my harmony Ultimate One remote to control G3 if I use whatever LG Remote is still in data base?Cant imagine they would have a G3 but they might have G2 or an earlier LG Oled in data base

  23. Shawn G

    Samsung’s stubbornness on DV is just a joke at this point. There’s no reason they can’t support it. It’s THE choice of filmmakers. I still remember seeing the S95B in Best Buy and honestly it was one of the most eye searing TVs I’ve ever looked it. I’m sure it was on Vivid mode, but still. The picture looked fake as hell.

    Personally, I’d go LG for DV, better hardware reputation, and best overall for gaming. I also don’t think any TV maker had been working more closely with the film industry than LG in recent years. They’re really dialing their picture accuracy!

  24. Mahdi Yussuf

    S95C, no brainer the winner. Pure color performance is all that matters!

  25. Vishak Elisaus

    Buy the Samsung. As an owner of an LG CX, I recommended the Samsung S95B to family, and it was the right call. For three reasons which also apply here.

    1) Screen reflectivity. The samsung is just waayyy less reflective in daylight. I end up not really watching movies on my LG when the sun's up. The S95B at my family's place is just so much better when the sun is up.

    2) Samsung supports exFAT external drives (which works across PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux, basically everywhere except on an LG TV). LG still doesn't support exFAT. If you want to play video files bigger than 4GB on an LG, NTFS is your only option. So if you use a Mac or Android at all, don't buy an LG unless you enjoy complicating your life. I have to keep a separate drive just to use between my PC and LG TV. A drive that won't work with android, and is read only on Mac. Ugh..

    3) When watching HDR content, Samsung let's you adjust the Gamma. On the LG, you can only adjust gamma on SDR content. So if you've got black crush on HDR content on the LG, you have no choice but to just increase brightness, which elevates everything and dark scenes have to be grey just so you can see the details in the dark.

  26. Halo-Halo

    I’m really confused as you what to choose from these 2. Can anyone suggest which one is better.
    P.s. I’m color blind

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