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LG G7 – The Phone I WANT to Love

LG G7 ThinQ review is coming but here are some early thoughts on the device. It has some of the best smartphone hardware in 2018 but the notch feels unnecessary to me.

LG G6+ on sale –

With a Snapdragon 845, a stunning 6.1″ QHD LCD screen, dual camera system with a wide angle lens, 3000 mAH battery, Boombox speakers and a high quality Quad DAC, the LG G7 delivers one of the best phone expereinces on the market in 2018.

Music Credits:
Fili – Sunday Vibes

Photoshop Screen:
Mikhail Sharov – Neon Nights (Need for Speed)

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  1. Dave2D

    The phone has nice features but… I dunno about the notch. It doesn't suit LG with this hardware. Thanks for watching!
    (P.S. the OTHER G7 video is just around the corner. needs longer thermal testing)

  2. Mac Junky

    people need to shut up about the notch. plus you can disable it on this phone

  3. MrJacalhoun30

    I've owned every G phone since the Optimus G. With the exception of the G5. I went with the Galaxy S7 that year. Currently using my G6 still. LG phones are the best.

  4. Karri Karthik

    I am planning to get it as it’s cheaper now. Is 4GB enough for ram ? and 64 GB internal storage ?

  5. Matthew Lemmers

    Personally I love my LG G8, one of the best devices that I've owned. Haven't had any issues with the phone yet. Great processor and display along with a cheaper price than the Galaxy devices this year.

  6. Ish 2.0

    sobrang hina na yata ng signal dito sa pinas ah.

  7. Ish 2.0

    hindi ko na to ma play kasi sobrang hina na ng data lol

  8. Ish 2.0

    hindi naman kayo mahal ng mga crush niyo e hahaha. iyaq

  9. Prabin Paudel

    Just bought one few months ago for 230 dollars. I don't think any other phone would be more of a bang for buck! In love with this! ❤️

  10. Hamadi Walls

    you trippin too much on a damn notch, and you can hide it, damn

  11. Ahabab Zarif

    It's about 2 years ago this video was made. By YouTube is showing 2 years. YouTube should use decimal

  12. cool bikky

    Why m I unable to use second screen while play youtube videos or any other video player apps.. when do play full screen there I get notch

  13. UnderWreck

    Yknow Minecraft has a 'Notch' and nobody hated him! :/ lol

  14. mattriarchal

    1:31 he was talking chinese companies adding notches and i hadnt even noticed there was an actual iphone X there HAHAHA

  15. Larsen Ullrich

    Here we are two years later with the phone priced under $150 and an upgrade to Android 10. Even better now!

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