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LG Gram Review -The Lightest Laptop

My thoughts on the LG Gram (Ultra PC) with Gaming Tests. Enjoy!
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  1. David

    You've got the coolest looking swivel chair, Mr. Lee!

  2. Adam Usmanov

    +Dave Lee you can adjust the fan speed in the settings

  3. Crimzin

    was he about to eat is booger when he was showing of the face cam

  4. Ad N

    The look is so macbook-y.. Several nope points for me though

  5. Mr. Frog Games

    You can't really complain about the build quality when its one of the lightest laptops you can buy, if it was any sturdier it would be way heavier.


    the 13 inch is on sale for $497 on Microsoft store

  7. Sina Taavon

    new to this channel … a soon as I saw this channel I unsubscribed Jonathan and unbox therapy … cause mannnnn this channel is damn good. .. love it … in one word it's is "fabulous"

  8. itsbarney

    no ones gonna talk about the fact that the keyboard looks a lot like a mac?

  9. Regis Bodnar

    The giant border around a slightly smaller keyboard has always angered me! I understand that the tilde key probably doesn't need to be full size, but the backspace key should probably be quite large. That keyboard should just be larger.

    Great video, though!

  10. John Hanson

    I think if lg had put in a 960m or a 970m they would have gotten my attention

  11. Matthew

    Where do you get your backgrounds from? Is there a person you follow?

  12. A Pranav

    anyone spelled it G RAM when u saw it first????????

  13. PJ Duffield

    i think that micro sd is more for someone to use it as storage for the laptop itself get your self a 129gb micro sd to double your storage

  14. Joshua Guevara

    This review looks really professional and I can see alot of hard work went into it. You're doing something right man and hope you really blow up in the coming years! Remember to always do it because you enjoy it, you got yourself a new sub man cheers!

    On a side note you dont have to respond to this, but between the i7 gram, the asus 303 and the notebook 9 (samsung)… how do i decide on a laptop when they all have similar specs like that? do i just go looks? Which would you choose personally? Either way, keep up the great work!

  15. Kenshin Himura

    Hey Dave do you have a review on the lg gram 15? Just wanted to know whether or not the battery can be removed/replaced for that model? Thanks dude

  16. s vanarase

    What's wrong with LG? they have a huge problem at build quality in their top devices. some of their medium priced devices are built better

  17. Jimmy Nguyen

    Can't believe you let that guy knife your ally to lose the game lol. Love your reviews Dave!

  18. Sam H

    your videos are amazing keep it up im subscribing right now

  19. Jesse Lam

    There is a few build issues because its the thinnest and lightest laptop you should consider that

  20. Heads up for everyone, the softness of a material is really a drawback of the materials LG chose. It isn't plastics in fact plastics would be stiffer if the correct one was used but it was a "cost" of being "premium"

  21. Warren McClure

    Great video like always! I did have a idea though, not sure if you will even read my status because you have so many people watching this video and leaving comment BUTTT anyways I think it would be cool if you reviewed older laptops from like 2013 and earlier. To me it seems like so many people think that newer is always better but you would be surprised at how many great, well built machines were built only 3 and 4 years ago like the HP Elitebook 9470m. I bought one for about $300.00, its a business class 14 inch ultrabook with two slots for SSD's (one being a mSata III slot the other is a traditional Sata III interface) it also has a core i5 (or core i7, 3rd generation) and best of all it has the ability to upgrade the ram which is fantastic! Anyways I think all this for about $300.00 to $400.00 for a very powerful and ultra portable computer is more than worth it, look around, anything in this price range in 2016 new dont even have half the performance this laptop or others similar have because they are equipped with something like a pentium, Celeron, or even a atom processor and the ram is soldiered one 9/10 and even the hard drive is soldiered on. I think this would be great for you because not only are you a great reviewer (I really do mean that by the way LOL) but for people like me who dont have $1000.00 to spend would more often come to this channel to see what great products are out there that are pretty cheap. Anyways thanks for the video Dave!

  22. Andrew J

    How long does it take to fully charge the gram?

  23. Jerry N.

    I swear I've watched this video like five times and this is the first time I saw the part where he cooked an egg on it

  24. love your videos.

    but as technology is moving forward you should tool.

    dont live in the past or in the present for too long, change your surroundings, move with time until its too boring for the viewers.

  25. Song Ji Hyo

    I got the 15 inch model, the only thing i liked about it is really just the weight, other than that due to the recent mosquito attacks, I use the heat to massage my bitten areas LOL! Got to say only that heat is useful for this kind of situation lol

  26. FlakeyJakey

    i HATE this. for 1000$ i don't want a flimsy plastic laptop. i get it, it's supposed to be thin. but hey could've used steel.

  27. 4Ezr

    @dave can you please tell me the name of the soundtrack used for the speaker test?
    ps. love the videos. keep up the great work.

  28. I would have bought this, but the lack of Microsoft Precision trackpad is always a deal breaker. I cannot deal with Elantech's different and crappy drivers. I had the last generation and the trackpad was so bad I gave it to my mom.

  29. aron yeo

    can you play overwatch on a lg gram???

  30. CJ Gloria

    Just under a thousand dollars, $999??? UM

  31. First time in India a good brand has priced cheaper than us (or any other country) ,in us xps 13 and gram are same price but in India lg gram is less than half the price of xps 13
    In India
    Xps 13- 1800$( 1.3lakhs rupees)
    Lg gram 14- 600$ ,(50k -60k rupees) – i5/8gb ram/256 ssd/ full HD 14inch 980 grams..awesome lg

  32. Julius Pasco

    5 years in and you're style is still awesome. One of the few tech Youtubers I watch. 🙂

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