LG Gram – The Lightest Quad-Core Laptops!

Dave2D review of the new LG Gram 13 and 15. The Gram is the best laptop from LG for people focused on portability.
LG Gram – ON SALE – http://amzn.to/2B7jgqq (7th Gen)
Logitech Mouse (Small) – http://amzn.to/2jo9c1U
Logitech Mouse (Big) – http://amzn.to/2BPthFA
Laptop Sleeve – http://amzn.to/2BReXg2

LG Gram 13 – http://amzn.to/2nz2hap (8th Gen)
LG Gram 15 – http://amzn.to/2BRiNWD (8th Gen)

The LG Gram continues to be one of the most impressive lightweight laptops on the market. The Gram 13 weighs in at just over 2 pounds making it ideal for daily transportation. The 60 wH battery life will easily last an entire work or school day on a single charge. A great pick up for students or anyone looking for an ultra light laptop to carry around. Performance is solid with a 8th generation Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. Upgradable to 16GB RAM and 1TB of storage. The Gram also comes with a full HD IPS touchscreen display, backlit keyboard and plenty of ports.

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  1. Dave2D

    The LG Gram devices are excellent laptops for people who want something super portable with a big battery. Thanks for watching!

  2. Elias Hagen

    air musician ready donor recently medication promising height funding.

  3. drhoonc

    Dave, I wanna get the 8th gen 13 inch, but your link doesn't have it and I can't seem to find it anywhere!

  4. R B

    okay…very missleading title…these laptops are dual-core laptops NOT!!! quad core! the correct tite should be: The lightest dual core laptops! pls change!

  5. Cho

    Hey can you do a review on a laptop that you've used for a while? Because I want a laptop with good specs and long-lasting with any issues!

  6. Avijit Dash

    please make a video on xiaomi mi notebook pro 8th gen core i7 15.6″16gb/256gb

  7. Sprits Fal

    What's the ports? Does it have TB3x4 or is it a x2 if it even has TB? Thank you.

  8. multicurse

    Love u vids can this laptop do video editing photo editing?

  9. Hamoud Nasser

    Fellas! Could anyone recommend me of a powerful pc for programming and designing?

  10. Evenmixer

    I'm waiting for the 2018 version they are actually presenting at CES. I hope you will make soon a review. The webcam should be on the top of the screen now and the battery size increased (72wh)

  11. OLama

    Best pc reviewer ever!!!!!!!!Dave lee

  12. Sitou Dien

    It looks like the international model has lesser specs than the korean one.  Korean model has 72 watt hour batteries, fingerprint reader on the 15, even the logo is different.  Still no thunderbolt or improved screen.

  13. _우물개구리

    Correction. Thunderbolt 3 is included in the 15 inch i7 Gram White models, just not in the Black models. (Model Number 15Z970-HA75K for the 7th gen 15Z980-HA70K for the 8th gen CPU ) I don't understand why LG is pushing the unpractical, easily staining pure white color, but it's ture. Always making terrible marketing choices LG ! .

  14. enemay

    Guys help me out. $800 max budget, $650-730 ideal, what is the thinnest lightest (like under 4.5 lbs) laptop, with a numpad, that can play AAA games at 1080p high (not ultra or max) but at least 50 fps.


    Hey Dave can you make a video on Dell Inpiron 7570 please…

  16. Douglas Lee

    Quad Core light and thin ultrabook meets external gpu system 🙂

  17. 루캘빈

    oh dave this can't be possible! im into your cute eyes ♡♡♡ love from ph

  18. Shafira 250508

    I will buy that thing but maybe after I can get money by myself

  19. Heyy Dave!!
    May I know which is the monitor behind you in all the videos. I love that monitor and really curious to know which one is it!!
    Love your videos!!
    Keep it up!!!

  20. Mr Maaical

    Dave your voice is very soothing, your calmness and relaxed way to review your tech, make it look everything awesome

  21. Hammad Ansari

    Hello sir i had question about this can u tell that

    Can we change the graphic card in this

  22. Khalid

    Hi dave which software you use to make the animated intro of the video.

  23. Batmen Beyont

    Can I charge the LG Gram using a USB c pd power bank rated at 30W power output?

  24. Hi Dave: thanks for your review re the LG Gram. I am seeking your advice. I'm not a gamer. I'm a realtor. How I use my laptop is "on the road" to do Market Presentations to both buyers/sellers. For buyers I use it to access my multiple listing service and share property photos. For sellers I show my marketing presentation. I am a heavy user of Microsoft Suite (mostly word/publisher/power point. Last January I purchased a MacBook Pro 13" but I honestly can't get used to Mac … my brain is just used to Windows plus I don't like how Apple works with Microsoft. So my question: Would you recommend the LG Gram for me. By the way, their 2019 model came with the camera up top. But the LG seems a bit junky to me.

  25. Zacharion Tab

    i guess i'll go to a gaming laptop and use a pen tablet for me


    You are clearly the best computer analyst on YouTube.

    I put MKBHD right behind you and then Linus.

  27. Zo Bloch

    Is it good for Video, Photo editing And 3D design?

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