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LG V40 – Are 5 Cameras Useful?

My impressions before my LG V40 ThinQ review – With 5 cameras, a 32-bit Quad DAC and 6.4″ OLED screen, this thing is LG’s best smartphone for 2018!
Magnetic Hourglass –

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  1. ChuckE3

    V35…. The last of it's kind! (form factor is awesome), just wished it had dual speakers and a dang side mounted power button!

  2. Jada

    So iPhones basically copied this

  3. fnu vikas

    Costly?? I bought brand new for $550 recently. I like it

  4. knightrider2k43

    Software COULD theoretically make the earpiece speaker work along with the bottom speaker thus, making a dual speaker setup.

  5. X.R Wu

    I like your video very much,
    Can you comment Nokia 5 plus?
    I think Nokia 5 Plus is Nokia’s new 3310,
    It’s new classic Nokia mobile!
    And I come from Taiwan,
    Welcome to Taiwan!

  6. Zoomies

    I could get it from T-Mobile for $720

  7. Kenryu wiley

    One the best phones, because of double wide angle lense in front and rear camera…. Hopefully other brands will imitate this feature in a cheaper price… Thanks….

  8. I've noticed concerning the mono speaker that if you block the bottom firing speaker you'll notice quite a bit of sound coming out of the earpiece. Would you please check it out

  9. Quasimofo

    1:01 "I'm not a huge photographer"
    1:04 immediately contradicts one of the biggest pieces of advice you'll find on photography websites

    Statement checks out, guys 😛

  10. L S

    Sold my Pixel 2xl and bought the g7. G7 Thinq is an amazing phone. Giving it to my wife and grabbing the v40. Why did I sell the pixel 2xl? Stock Android is overrated and Android Pie sucks. Pie wants to be iOS.

  11. Sax

    The moment LG goes for a teardrop notch I'm switching from my V30.

  12. It is not a mono speaker the ear speak actual gives out sound. Not exactly sure why LG didn’t advertise it.. as far as the price I got mine months after the launch for $489 which is a great price for it

  13. Ali Raza

    Your style of review is very nice and honest

  14. Ali Raza

    I really dislike notches even dewdrop. But its notch is very thin and not intrupt that not visible in videos even in youtube & with v40 speaker and entertainment facility, its oled penel and speed and cameras all things made this phone very unique and i switch to v40 and I'm really happy with my phone. Masha'Allah

  15. Edha Singla

    Lg is a interested phone market cause even if they remove the headphone jack they will add the dongle

  16. Happy Man

    Just bought one in amazing condition unlocked for $250 and am loving it

  17. momo simo

    d apres votre experience le lg v50 est il mieu ?


    Another reviewer claimed that the V35 had much more better camera than the V40, whats your opinion?

  19. Garrett Reyman

    My next purchase is going to either be one of these or a G8 off eBay. I'm still super bummed LG killed off their phone devision.

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