LG’s 480Hz OLED Gaming Monitor is ALMOST Perfect… [Full Review]

Reviewing the LG UltraGear OLED gaming monitor (32GS95UE)! Is this 32-inch 4K 240Hz & 480Hz OLED Monitor worth buying for your Gaming PC and PS5/XBOX?
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  1. ok first fantastic review been waiting for this don't get be wrong perfect time ok got a question because i got a 3080 gpu 4k may not be reached in a perfect way so the 1080 may be important until i get a 5090 card ,, so this may be the one but if you were me what would you do,, really like to hear your view and if anyone is in the same boat as i let me know what you may do .
    many thx god bless

  2. @timpeeee1904

    Na i get the LG Ultragear 32GQ950 for 600 Bucks brand new. brighter and no burn in.. My LG C2 42 is still better then this.

  3. @PremiumAli

    Matte Display Soo 👎.. plus definitely give me QD OLED better colors wins over LG being brighter … in my book

  4. @Drewtheelder

    So no matter how good the Asus is it can only be 0.3 better than the LG.

  5. @rickenbacker472

    Is it worth getting this just for productivity? Is there a display perhaps with comparable image quality but without the 240hz/RGB gaming features?

  6. @marcjennings86

    Hey Tom, does the display port do power delivery? Could you use a DP to USBC cable to use a MacBook?

  7. @jeang7088

    The Display Guy said that the matte coating is atrocious for Oled ? And you're saying it's beautiful ? Who is lying ?

  8. @PD-ws4td

    This one is really bugging me. I’ve been excited for this monitor due to the panel technology they are using. The picture quality should be amazing, even compared to the qd-OLED, but it’s not… I’ve seen comparisons between the LG G3 and the S95B + A95K (which are qd-OLED), and I preferred the G3 in most of the comparisons. This monitor “should” have the same panel with an even newer MLA technology, yet, in your comparison it looks so much worse than the qd-OLED. What gives? It should only be around 100nits short of the G3 in peak brightness.

  9. @MiscoJix

    At 07:40 you are measuring Lux which do not equal nits. At 10% white window both monitors should be at around 500nits.

  10. @MirelRC

    The 480 Hz will make the image much clearer in the motion. To obtain better clarity than this monitor‚ you'll have to get something with 500+ Hz and BFI‚ like PG248QP‚ but this monitor isn't OLED‚ it is TN. So, this LG is the best monitor for the ones that want really good motion clarity and an OLED panel‚ at least for the moment.

    Also‚ was peak brightness set to low or high?

  11. @nunosantos2015

    Who's is going to pay that amount of money for a 32 monitor 😮 the market is greedy and crazy , my Samsung 32 144hz 2k for £120 is still amazing in 2024 why should I pay £1400

  12. @ijmcd

    Feels like LG have cheaped out in not including features like a KVM, USB-C, heatsink, Dolby Vision, metal stand, ect. When competitors are offering these features for simmilar or less money, the LG model doesn't seem like good value in comparison.

  13. @droknron

    What's the pixel cleaning like on this? does it nag you every x hours of usage or does it just handle it while in standby mode?

  14. @la3692

    For that price it should have DisplayPort 2.1😂

  15. Please don't fall for the shilling & grifting. I've seen the monitor, it has the absolute worst Matte finish on any modern monitor. I'm not a "glossy absolutist", this is just THAT bad. The warranty issue is secondary and appalling. Then there's the price & lack of other features available in other cheaper monitors. I'm a huge fan of LG OLED TVs, I've had a 65" LG CX for years but this monitor looks TERRIBLE when you see it in person. Forget your own lighting in the room. The grain & oily appearance absolutely ruins this monitor.

    Every Monitor Reviewer has called EACH QD-OLED "The Best Monitor", until the next company releases. From MSI, Dell, ASUS, now LG, then Samsung (I'm sure), each version has been a "must buy" from everyone other than TheDisplayGuy.

    As a gamedev, music producer & video editor, I find this recent clickbait trend the worst.

    It's one thing to clickbait for general content, but when you're influencing buyers decisions and their money, I take issue.

    No one should buy this monitor based on the Warranty alone, but the Matte finish looks nearly defective from production. It's that bad.

  16. @MistaVauros

    How did you measure 800-900 nits in a 10% window? Monitors Unboxed measured only 700 or so nits in a 10% window.

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