Liquid vs Air CPU Cooler – Which Should I Choose [Simple Guide]

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So should you go with a liquid or air cooler for your PC?

Liquid obviously wins, but not for the reasons you think. Keep watching!

0:00 Intro
0:36 Intro to How Do They Work?
0:44 How Do They Work: Air Cooling
1:15 How Do They Work: Liquid Cooling
1:48 Intro to Showdown
2:05 Showdown: Cooling Efficiency
2:42 Showdown: Price
3:00 Showdown: Convenience
3:25 Conclusion


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  1. cor ona

    Damn I used this tutorial for my scooter and it made me choose Air cooled cuz it's much cheaper 🤣👍

  2. Elise Lappan

    I think I want the AMD Ryzen 9 5900X. I'm really unsure what type of cooling to go with. Any suggestions?

  3. Purzify

    It's so hot here in Australia, I just used a liquid cooler for my ryzen 5 3600 for the sake of it

  4. Mando811

    Im not sure!!!!! I think i might go with a kraken AIO because i will be heavy gaming and editing.

  5. C Wayne

    I was hitting over 100 degrees with my i7 with the stock junk Intel cooler. I changed to liquid cooling and it doesn't go above 70 degrees.

  6. Kluip

    Or air because sometime there a leak age from the water cooling wich cna really screw your pc

  7. M. N. A

    can someone explain to me how the cooling system process related to thermodynamic… in isovolumetric explanation🥺

  8. JFK

    nice vid it shortcuts the whole point.

  9. jack romeo

    Liquid cooling or Air cooling for Intel Core i5-10600K?

  10. Kris

    Both water and air coolers use fans and liquid (for newer air coolers). (Most) air coolers use heat pipes which contain a liquid that evaporated into the fins, which the fans will blows through the fins to move the heat and after that the liquid condenses and goes back to the part of the heat sink the CPU is attached to and repeats this process. Liquid coolers use a radiator and a pump to move liquid to and from the CPU and to the radiator, which the radiator has fans attached to blow cool air through.

    Air coolers can out perform liquid cooling in 1. noise, due to pumps being loud 2. less likely to fail due to less moving parts, and easier to replace the failed parts 3. cost and price:performance 4. sometimes can be cooler if you don't use a large enough radiator

    Liquid cooling is still good because it has a larger thermal mass, due to the amount of liquid and if you have a large radiator, easy to move heat away from CPU especially in small form factor, and some people like the look of it more than air cooling.

  11. thanks! I knew about both but for my IT essentials class, not all the people knew the difference and this video helped me to expose the topic and add spice to the class (giving a break to the teacher, poor gal).

  12. neoavenir

    would liquid cooling be recommended for rendering?

  13. Dragun

    Yeah liquid better, don't care about price.

  14. Hasibix

    Is pre made liquid cooler like ASUS ROG liquid cooler good?

  15. MysteryManGaming

    Over clock is not the only reason you need water cooling. Games like New World and other games will fry your CPU. Games themselves fry CPU’s regardless of over clock or not. Simple answer is if you never want to worry about temps then get a water cooler.

  16. Tom O

    Air cooling has gotten much more advanced, quality tower coolers keep almost any CPU cool enough.

  17. his video is criminally underrated. it's short but straight to the point. very newbie friendly like myself. so many other videos on youtube will spend 5-8 minutes getting into technical details on each cooler leaving me even more clueless than before watching since many terms i've never heard of are casually being thrown around. i wish i had seen this video way before coming across dozens.



  18. nicky jingco

    Hi, If i have an ordinary computer and i just whant to have a watercooling sytem installed can i do it? or Just for advance PC

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