Live Workshop: Basics of JavaScript & ES6 Syntax

Learn about the basics of JavaScript and then take a deep dive into more awesome, new features from the ES6 syntax. The workshop will include the following sections:

1. JavaScript Variables
2. Variable declaration
3. Methods and Arrow Functions
4. Default Parameters
5. Spread Operator
6. Template Literals
7. Object Property Shorthand Notation

Presented by Ethan Arrowood, a Computer Science student from Wentworth Institute of Technology.

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  1. Rad Drissi

    The map method creates a new array. @18:26 const whisperit = instead of favoritebands.

  2. qpae123

    I am an electrical engineer and now I start to learn coding . Feels like I was in Nam and now I am back in Afganistan :))

  3. Josue Guerrero

    Really great introduction to ES6, would love to see more videos like this one and like the intro to React as well!

  4. Isha Bansal

    I am new to javascript aka ES6. I require to learn the basic principle of this language for my work and i have to be honest, callback functions and things like that makes me pull my hair. I hope this clears the fundamentals. Excited!

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