Logging in JavaScript Best Practices

Logging is an age-old practice, but we’re still doing some major things wrong. Joe will be taking us through various aspects of logging:
– Why to log
– When to log
– How to log well
– JS Tooling/Testing for logging

Talk by Joe Reeve at the JS Roundabout meetup.

Recorded by Pusher.com. Check them out if you want awesome real-time tools, and subscribe to the their YouTube channel for more talks!

Pusher’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoyqucxoFXDFnh3khD0rjUg

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  1. LtColVenom

    Somewhat disappointed.
    For some reason, the talk does sounds like it was scruff-ed from a couple hours of chatting with a friend.
    It holds very little information about architectural, design, implementation guidelines specific to JS (except for a few tool examples one can pick up faster with google).
    No JS-specific examples of how to plan ahead to help programmers improving their log.
    Not a lot of value besides pointing out the obvious.

  2. Fa R

    It's mostly chit chat, the talk starts at 5:39

  3. Not disappointed, has structure upon which to continue adding more specifics from other sources, especially helpful when one is new to logging.

  4. Pedro Alonso

    Looks more about logging in general that about JS logging. But it really helped me!

  5. Ogger

    great talker but not that informative

  6. BenRangel

    First 5 minutes of this is why I don't go to conferences anymore. Too many irrelevant stories that might be nice but not the raw info I came for.

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