You are currently viewing Logic for Programmers: Propositional Logic

Logic for Programmers: Propositional Logic

Logic is the foundation of all computer programming. In this video you will learn about propositional logic.


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This Post Has 25 Comments

  1. Ralph Louis

    If things are arranged in a logical pattern it will either give us true or false value it extends to all field of study

    And it gave birth to computer science

  2. 依田多加志

    Thank U for teaching this, It is easy to understand even for "2nd learner on English " ( like Japanese like me)

  3. Nz

    Harley Quinn teaching logic

  4. Felix Augustin

    Great job. You take it from the basic and make it very simple to digest

  5. ImSoBored

    What happens if the p like flips to a b, how would I be able to continue?

  6. kingzLoFitness

    So it cant be either true or false, it has to be true or false. Just a little glitch in the Matrix about "Single Value" @3:35. As a Programmer coming back in, I hear that as if it code written (or even pseudocode minor issue). So that was not like an error, more like a warning or something like that where you can almost get away with the code (as if it was a program written based on that statement or something). Then again, if it was written in a code example it would show up as an error.

    – Away from that, I'm loving the vibes; both how you look and your sound. Glasses would've been an additional plus, but if you don't need it, no need to fake it. Unless you do wear specs and decided to wear contacts.

  7. kingzLoFitness

    Reading between the lines, are you Sally or Linda? Further on the Exclusive side (logically speaking), thought was I can't get with Both Sally and Linda, I can get with either/or, and lastly if I can't get with either one of them, then clearly its not true.

  8. GiveMeCoffee

    Thank you, I would love an in-depth course about logic!

  9. Yosef

    Gorgeous doll, thank you so much. Cristal clear!

  10. Infinitelol

    just to explain the first part from a beginner pov: a question, command, or gibberish cant be a proposition

  11. Casper de With

    14:35 Everything about the following slides makes me think this has been written in PowerPoint.
    • The first line is set in Lato, whereas the rest is in Consolas.
    • The indentation is out of whack.
    • The quotation marks are curled.
    • The quotation marks are not coloured with the string.
    • The string colour is the same as the variable colour, and the one in the condition doesn’t match the one in the echo statement.
    • The double-equals symbol is italicised.
     On the next slides:
    • The quotation marks are curled.
    • The I in ‘if’ is capitalised.

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