You are currently viewing Logic for Programmers: Set Theory

Logic for Programmers: Set Theory

Logic is the foundation of all computer programming. In this video you will learn about set theory.


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  1. Good Boy

    It is wonderful ❤❤❤
    I have never seen such a beautiful use of ❤Mathematics ❤ before.
    I beg you please make this kind of videos. please…please make more…..

  2. e4r

    Vertical Video Syndrome

  3. Lynellf

    This isn't a video about literal JavaScript sets huh?

  4. Kells dev

    Set theory breaks problems so elegantly your algos must be sweet. Thanks for this.


    you should voice a Disney character.

    you have a nice voice

  6. S Foster

    OMG, this video is so awesome! I'm currently studying both PHP+MySQL along with JS+JQuery and while my syntax is always perfect, the logic is sometimes incorrect. The code is always doing something, just not always what I intend it to do! I checked out some programming theory books from the library but all the examples with the symbols just confused me more!
    After watching both of your logic videos, I am now able to clearly comprehend what the theory books are meaning and making much needed additions & corrections to my logic. Finally, my code is starting to respond in the ways I desire! Please keep up the great work!

  7. ZEN

    This much about of knowledge is efficient for programming??

  8. Dhèeraj

    CC can you elaborate in a sentence or two, what exactly is an Object, element, and datatype? I don't get the difference between these terms though am a little familiar with coding and high school math

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