Logitech G Cloud: The Portable Gaming Console

This is the Logitech G Cloud, a handheld games console designed for streaming Xbox, PlayStation 5, GeForce Now and PC …


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  1. NONE

    I really love this concept because it's literally how I use Nintendo Switch and SteamDeck — only for playing at home, not for outside

  2. Noob__Ka

    I like this but the so many handheld console

    Rog ally

    Steam Deck

    Nintendo Switch


    Now this

  3. eddieos

    I feel sad for this device, just feels like a toy almost anytime I see it

  4. heatwaveps5

    have microsoft develop this & switch is weak hardware this why sell my switch oled for ps5 subscription & gamepass subscription

  5. Make 1

    Mobile gaming! Love streaming and this looks cool but you are always at the mercy of your internet connection 🙁

  6. Matthew Hardwick

    I already have a Samsung galaxy tablet that already supports every service that you showed in the video. And I paid half for the tablet in comparison to this device. The only thing I don't get is the built in buttons and joysticks but a Controller + Bluetooth instantly solves that.

  7. caxs01

    I like the concept not the price, great video

  8. Jack Little

    Hey Chris I’m just wondering if you could give my instagram account and my TikTok account a follow and shout out for me please thank you and I am getting a PS5 do you have any advice for what addition I should get

  9. Nur Mbms

    It is a great device however for that price, i'll rather get a steam deck to be honest and it can do a lot more.

  10. BreezyDRod

    For $300 to play Xbox, PS and PC games on the go? I think that's a solid deal. It'd be nice for the screen to be 120Hz but I can see how much bandwidth that would need to play smoothly while your streaming a whole game. Not everyone has high internet speeds. Plus you want to make it affordable.

    Solid video, my man 💪🏼

  11. Bandid Did

    few months ago i was ''nahh''. But after watching this video, this device is and concept are great. If the screen was OLED, this would pretty much be a MUST buy.

  12. jackiswild

    for me this is a no go purely becasue of its price point. £20 more would get you an entry level steam deck which has much more versatility and better specs

  13. What is your internet speed? Or what is the recommended internet connection?

  14. Carlos Lopez

    It has the remapping feature. I believe you will need to look for it on settings.
    This little console is amazing, but the d-pad is atrocious.

  15. Will Coltart

    MOBILE GAMING. The G Cloud sounds like a pretty sweet deal, even despite the price. Every handheld seems to get better than the last and this one is no exception. Really helpful and well made review, as usual!

  16. 9JXKBR

    Mobile gaming: Chris i Got a Quick question will the m2 air will be enough for streaming with obs from ps5??

  17. Stephen Heckler

    Mobile Gaming! This is done right and hopefully both Playstation and (coughs) Nintendo jump on the cloud mobile gaming bandwagon, at that point I'd buy this in a heartbeat

  18. Mini Champ

    Hey! Spawnpoiint can you make a video about the best third party controller for the ps5

  19. Matt Fisher

    I keep seeing demo videos for this unit (thanks for explaining the difference!!!) with both the PlayStation official PS Remote Play app & the 3rd party PS Play app. Could you possibly consider doing a video explaining setup for the PS Play app? Love your videos & this was another great one!

  20. Yo RAHeem

    Just missing a pinhole front camera and maybe a rear. Wonder if you can USB-C one?

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