Looking Back At The Troubled Xbox One Reveal | IGN Rewind

In early 2013 Microsoft revealed its successor to the immensely popular Xbox 360, the Xbox One, and what happened soon after damaged the brand significantly. On the first episode of IGN Rewind, we’re looking back on gaming history at the troubled launch and reveal of the Xbox One.


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  1. elalex323

    Everything that was wrong then is what consumers are doing with their consoles today now so looking back xbox was ahead of its time and now u even got sony copying certain aspects of it.

  2. Ravyy

    TV TV, TV, TV, TV, TV, TV, TV, TV, TV, TV, TV, TV TV

  3. The Tech Nerd

    Funny thing is that Xbox currently is an always online console

  4. The xbox 360 lifespan may have defeated the competition of the PS3 era, but the PS4 has outclassed, outmastered and outlived the xbox one era

  5. KDAWG1287

    TV, TV, TV, TV, TV, TV, TV, TV, TV 🤦🏽‍♂️

  6. Farquharson

    It's ironic how now Sony is the one going for the digital future and everyone is okay with it

  7. parallax

    The fact is that Xbox one wasn't what they showed in those early days. It was an amazing console all things considered

  8. V N R

    This was insane to watch unfold as it happened
    X bots could not even defend Xbox

  9. RetroJoe

    And they're still killing themselves by forcing crossplay with PC players.

  10. BakeSale TV

    Go watch the Xbox documentary on the topi. Way more interesting

  11. Aditya Gupta

    Shitshow is an understatement of what Microsoft did in E3 2013

  12. Jeroen

    Don Matrick sold a lot of PS4's that day.

  13. Deon Spates

    The Xbox One was supposed to be the best entertainment box for everything…

  14. Gearswitch819

    Microsoft was so successful with the 360 because they gave gamers what they wanted xbox one on the other hand was a total opposite yu just dont mess with gamers microsoft….yu just dont… yu damn fools


    People freaked the hell out and started worshipping Sony like gods and now Sony abuses their power as they always have.

  16. Emmanuel Magsino

    This made me buy a PS4 instead. Xbox made a huge mistake at that time

  17. Kill3RToNE

    People forgot at least don matrick release games with xbox one …

  18. Vance G

    Still playing on Xbox One S and a laptop PC. If you use a Xbox Series controller on the Xbox One it's suddenly a current gen console.

  19. TranceFormerFX

    This video doesn't do the cataclysmic catastrophe of Xbox One's 2013 reveal. It was much, much more far reaching than just internet and E3 reactions, Microsoft stock took a nosedive that day. Xbox One's demise was further compounded by their continuous exclusive failures.

    When Horizon Zero Dawn came out on the PS4 in 2017 and Breath of the Wild releasing alongside the Switch – both receiving massive acclaim – it was officially f***ing over for Xbox One

    10 years later now that we know for certain per NPD sales records of the X1 not even surpassing 50 million total units sold as opposed to PS4 selling 116 million units – the Xbox One was a complete failure.

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