Lumia 950 + 950XL Review – A Month with the New Windows Phones and Continuum

After using the 950XL with Continuum daily for a month, here are my thoughts on the current Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile Ecosystem. Enjoy!

A comprehensive review covering an unboxing, build quality, internal hardware, screen, camera tests and continuum.

Are these new Windows 10 Mobile Phones worth it? Who are they really for? Is Continuum any good? Which Lumia phone should i get?
Watch this video to find out! =)

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  1. Srujan Mishra

    Why am I watching this review in 2019?? I still own a Lumia 950… Sad to see MS drop this project – very disappointing. Great review!

  2. Bruh

    God damn I miss this OS…

  3. deep ahuja

    I really like that dark black screen concept..

  4. senex

    talking about apps
    "I think this is gonna change pretty soon"
    That didn't age well…

  5. jojo gonjalves

    Nowadays there are many app in Microsoft store like facebook,watsapp,etc

  6. Mr Sakamoto

    This guy is the literal definition of "Age in Reverse gear" .

  7. Vin Par

    Dave, I loved windows. If you have any connections in Microsoft, please tell them to start them again, with same software but Android based… Please please if you can.

  8. don

    This guy looks definitely the same since then

  9. Owen Waterfield

    Watching this in late 2020 in october, i don't know why but i wished microsoft did more phones, sad to see they are going to android.

  10. Ashind C

    watching the video again almost at end of 2020 :")

  11. Tony Wong

    I was a loyal Windows Phone user for years but sadly they left me…I thought the OS was the best of the 3 OSs at the time and they easily had the best cameras on a phone for years. It was too bad they charged manufacturers a fee for using windows phone when Android was free…I felt that really hampered them as well as getting into the smartphone game so late.

  12. SS4 guy jr

    You know Lumia 950 950xl had great potential if Microsoft kept updating these phones and more importantly kept making more of these phones man they would have I bet you they probably would rival Samsung in iPhone I cannot see how people hated it cuz I have this phone and it has super great potential to the point I'm impressed you can change your gigs of ROM you can do a lot of impressive Feats that other phones can t reach . The Lumia 950xl phone can reach up the 2tb to external storage 1tb of built-in storage by using OneDrive that is very impressive it's definitely ahead of its time some ways very much so I just wish that Microsoft kept making more these Microsoft Lumia 905 xl phones can Central they had such great potential too much so much so I would have loved to see what their new designs would have been like too bad but they stopped I love to see if they could Advance even higher than now I think they had a great potential and newer phones like a Lumia 950 and 950xl that probably was a starting place a great potential the that's not mean they're perfect they're not perfect I can omit the Lumia 950 XL had some pretty bad downsides with software updates and some system problems but in reality like I said for 2015 that was a pretty big deal if only Microsoft let the user control what the snartphone is and what it capabilities could do it would definitely be an impressive feat of a Smartphone think about that. if Microsoft made true 1tb built in of storage and 8 GB RAM I mean a reasonable price less $800 than they make a lot of business it's just a thought a theory

  13. Maja Isakszon

    Would love to still in 2021 get this phone. I am always in for some cool phones and odd stuff.

  14. Ankit kumar

    can't believe his videos were just as amazing 6 years ago haha

  15. Nikhil Saini

    Stores par itne apps available nahi hote jitne website par hote hai mujhe Microsoft Lumia phone Mai koi app installed karne ki jarat nahi Hoti kyu ki har ek app uski personal website se banaya jata hai hum windows Phone me direct hi website par jakar us app ko use kar sakte hai jo hume use karna hai Bina use install kare or is se phone ki storage bhi fill nahi Hoti or ram bhi kam use Hoti hai or website apps se jayada years tak chalti h samjhe dosto apse request hai aap Microsoft mobiles hi use kare or Rahi baat pubg ki to aap pubg ko Microsoft phone Mai use kar sakte ho or wo bhi android or iphons se best tarike se or Sabse best feature Xbox se app pubg se bhi badhiya games khel sakte ho 😎😎

  16. Chief Denis

    2015: "The lumias are not cheap, the 950 costs $550"

    2021: boy have i got news for you

  17. PewDieFan no1

    I rly miss Windows Phones, they are really good 🙁 , ofc it has not a lotta apps, but the UI is sick af

  18. Bavani Sankar

    Watching this now, can't believe how bad Microsoft botched it. Hardware ideas were really good.

  19. Arnav Raj

    The good ol days of where 4 gigs was overkill ram in phones

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