M1 vs M3 MacBook Air – Actually Worth $400 MORE?!

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Apple’s M3 MacBook Air is AMAZING, but is it actually worth it compared to the M1 Air for $699?
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  1. @burtdanams4426

    Don't let morons convince you to buy something more expensive than an M1. They know NOTHING about hardware and are trying to sound smart and helpful in comment sections. Unless you already specifically know than an M1 Air is just not enough for you, then AN M1 AIR IS PERFECTLY ADEQUATE FOR YOUR NEEDS AND WILL KEEP GETTING UPDATES UNTIL 2029-2030

  2. Instead of just comparing M1 and M3, comparing 8GB vs 16GB is more informative to most of their target users. Benchmark is not that important to Air users. Here in Japan, many Youtubers compare these machines by showing their screens directly (not scores). They run the same MacOS and applications, and check their responses and time consuming. You can easily identify the differences.
    In conclusion, no much different between M1 and M3 when they are with the same 8GB, big difference between 8GB vs 16GB. M1 16GB mostly beats M3 8GB. M3's improvements can be identified more easily when it is with 16GB. These facts are far more important.

  3. @frazerweb

    Doubt they will last 10 years like some of the older vintage macs like my 2008 laptop that amazingly still runs. Something will go forcing you to replace it.

  4. @forytube4998

    Fanless is the best, not having to worry about dust is huge PLUS point 😊

  5. @JBoy340a

    Silly question but is my original base M1 air the same as this one.

  6. I was doubting what MacBook to buy for more than 2 months. I was expecting M3 come on spring. It arrived. I was watching all videos, comparing but without any decision made.
    Hopefully I’ve found 13 MackBook Pro m1 256/16 with touchbar on FB marketplace for 800CAD/590USD in good condition and 100% battery.

    It was the best random solution to stop endlessly compare all available options of M1,2,2 used or new one.

    For web browsing and average non-pro user experience it’s ABOVE AND BEYOND.
    I’m really happy!

  7. @stroke1516

    I forgot the YouTube Code!! First you trash it !! then you give a 1 week review, then you give a 3 week review and say you were wrong.. That is why my channel isn't taking off.. I need to make 4 videos on the same product and each the correcting my other video's !! I Foolishly made 1 video to tell everyone to buy the M3 !! I missed all the views from trashing Apple.. !!! I now know the YT formula !! Trash it first.. the 1 week review , the 3 week review and endorsed it as the Best Buy ! The YT Bro's are masters of disinformation and YT getting YT payments !! Well done Max Tech !! That why I watch them and buy what say don't buy !! In 3 weeks I will the we smart that bought it !! Seriously I am not that stupid to believe what these Bro's say.. I bought the new M3 MBA 15 for $629 dollars !! I will show you how.. stay tuned.. ( I used an M2 MBA for $315 for a YEAR! ).

  8. Won't an M1 Macbook Air bought new in 2024 only have another 2 years of Operating System updates/renewals, or asked differently, in comparison, will the M3 Macbook Air have 4 years more of Apple Operating System updates/renewals?

  9. @webpoet73

    I’ve seen it on Best Buy for 649.99. For alot of people, price outweighs extra features.

  10. @omarmendoza7150

    Battery doesn't take over an hour on the M1. It takes about an hour. Battery still last all day.

  11. @kylewatsonn171

    I bought my Mac Air M1 in 2020, which is still worth it. I use my M1 for Word, Excel, PowerPoint, web browsing, developing software, and occasionally to play Asphalt 9…Of course, it begins to look a little bit slower in comparison to M3 but it is good enough. My battery life is 88 % I gonna wait 2 or 3 years more before shifting it, regards !!!

  12. @jordanclayson2

    If you need a lot of screen real estate to work, you've never been limited by the M1 Air's "limitation" to one monitor….curved ultrawide displays have been on the market for years, and are a WAY better solution than that kinda ugly mobile pixels geminos thing.

  13. I own a M1 air but the LCD screen is flickering (basically it’s broke and I didn’t do anything to it), it still works but without an external monitor it’s a useless machine. No way I’m spending 400 dollars to replace the LCD screen. So I’m kinda in the dark what to do with my M1 air, ATM I can use my external monitor and use it like a desktop computer (how long will I tolerate this I don’t know) but its a laptop and it defeats the purpose of being a laptop.

  14. @fed02

    These comparison videos are confusing. We all know that we need at least 16gb of rams. But the benchmarks and real life examples are 8gb vs 16gb…

  15. @Thetache

    So Apple is ripping people off selling an 8gb M3 that is totally bottlenecked? Or ripping people off by charging a huge markup for the 16gb it needs? This soldered on RAM and SSD design is just Apple doing their best to keep the con going.

  16. @PatrickPray

    The key differentiator for me is the display size. I need a 15" display for work. So no comparison with the M1. Savings over 15" M2 are minimal. Apple forces me to spend more money once again…

  17. @theflyingscott1

    The MacBook Air M3 is the biggest ripoff in the laptop world. 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB storage is abhorrent for £1099. Only idiots buy these.

  18. @elinel0m497

    Am I crazy or did the m1 speakers have much better clarity?

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