M2 Mac Mini – What Apple Isn't Telling You (and why?)

The M1 Mac Mini was already a really powerful computer for the price, and the M2 Mac Mini takes it to the next level. But how?

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00:00 2022 MacBook Pros
02:04 M2 Mac Mini Pricing
03:55 Why Did Apple Drop The Price?

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  1. Created Tech

    What do you think? Is this new M2 Mac Mini a game-changer for the budget PC market?

  2. lopwidth

    M2 mac mini is gonna stomp all over 12. Gen intels. Not that it's gonna matter in cooperate settings, where they already lease dells or IBM. Anywhere else, this should be thoroughly considered, but since i doubt apple is as nice to work with, than Dell or IBM, but who knows. Workstation mac minis would definitely work great

  3. Chul

    Investing appropriately today can save you a whole lot of stress in the nearest future ♥️

  4. steveoz

    Mac mini M2 base model with 8gb is fine for a professional software developer. Pair it up with a studio display, a decent mech keyboard, and an internet connection and off you go.

    iTerm, neovim, SSH is all you need to access as much compute power as you want.

  5. ICan'tGiveCredit

    I agree that the new era of Mac mini will change the industry, and I said this back when the M1 Mac mini was released: there is no longer any point in building a low-end computer, when a low-end Mac can now beat it in both efficiency and speed — and sometimes cost, even if you don't factor in the custom build's greater energy usage. In essence, the vast majority of those who want a low-end PC and who may not necessarily be a gamer have no good reason to purchase or build an Intel or AMD system over buying a new Mac mini. Plus, consider all the institutions and offices formerly purchasing traditional compact towers for $600-$1000 a pop: why would they have any reason to continue doing so over purchasing a Mac mini that'll be speedier; consume way less energy; produce less heat; and retain the majority of their value for years to come? The market for low-end vendor towers might have died years ago due to the rise in popularity of custom builds — but the Mac mini is here to partially undo that by offering a powerful and compact system to those who would otherwise settle for an entry-level PC build. Also notable is the fact that the Mac mini is like an accessible workstation: it delivers, today, what would have been the performance of a costly workstation just a short number of years ago. This is great because it unlocks the potential of an exponentially greater number of users — creatives who can now have a workload that might have been unattainable for them a few years ago, thanks to the sheer power and the cost effectiveness of Apple Silicon. I think this is exemplary of a certain sporadic cycle that occurs every time [formerly] workstation-grade hardware suddenly arrives in a more affordable form. The last most notable time this happened was probably when Apple began offering consumers the power of the G3 processor (circa 1997) — and subsequently when they began offering the G3 in their all-new iMac, in 1998. Another one worthy of being mentioned is the PowerMac G5 (2003), which was the first relatively affordable 64-bit workstation. The number of doors unlocked is practically limitless.

  6. Z Boy

    I should say the price might have gone down in the us but in the uk it is the equivalent of 805 dollars

  7. ATHE

    you forgot to mention the perfomace per watt…kills pcs!!!

  8. The baseline M2 Mac Mini with 8GB RAM is actually a downgrade vs the M1 Mac Mini baseline counterpart with 8GB RAM. It is because the former comes with Ventura which uses more memory compared to Monterey, 8 GB is no longer sufficient for Ventura as it will use swap storage all the time.

    I have the baseline M1 that I will maintain using Monterey only, will never upgrade to Ventura.

  9. Juan Matus

    8GB of RAM with no uprgadablility is a mockery in 2023. Especially for $600. The value of this box on the second-hand market is gonna drop up to 50% or more just in a year and nobody will buy it from you even for $300 in 2024

  10. consider you buying more expensive software for macos, maybe save more on buying NUC type of device. removeable NVME is far better than cloud subscription.

  11. RunForPeace 2020

    90% of the general population only needs M1/M2 Mac Mini 256GB SSD base model for their tasks.

    My parents have been running a 2012 Mac Mini 4GB, 128GB SSD + 27" monitor for 9 years before upgrading to a base model iMac 24" M1 base model 8GB/256GB for the last 2 years. ZERO complains. Love the monitor display.

    Need I say more?

  12. Henry Richardson

    M2 Neural Engine is reported to be 40% faster than the M1 Neural Engine. DXO DeepPrime and the Topaz programs make heavy use of the NE so they should get a nice speedup. Probably other AI programs too. Maybe Lightroom Classic masking AI uses the NE. Photoshop Neural Filters maybe also.

  13. Tomas Ramoska

    I believe the PC market is mostly focused at the moment on gamers and streamers. They're not going to move to Mac any time soon.

  14. Goobfilm cast

    I'd love to see a Mac marketing blitz…..Apple can continue to increase "mindshare" with excellent adverts extolling entry-level Macs, iPhones, and iPads all working in the Apple ecosystem…. a "technology for the rest of us" or "think different" approach

  15. asdfasdfasdf

    I mean yeah. but also no. Someone on a budget wont really want to buy a Mac that is stuck with low ram or memory. The uprgadablility alone is key for a budget system, because i can inexpensively add more Ram or better GPUS/CPus in the future.
    and if i want the best bang foir the buck i can loook at used PCs with silightly older hardware that someotmes are insatnly powerful.
    if i want this mac mini to be comparable to low end PCs i still need to add 16GB atleast making it a total nogo for that pice. The 16GB Ram of a mac mini costs as much as 64GB on a PC.

  16. Karthikeyan S

    Can you suggest a similar form factor for Windows world? Which should i go for when compare to M2 Mac Mini?. Appreciate any respone.

  17. Paul Harrison

    The base model of all M2 Macs only has a 256 Gb none upgradable SSD. Not only is this too little but more importantly selecting this configuration will result in a slow system. This is because in all 256 Gb M2 Macs there is only one and not two Flash memory modules soldered onto its motherboard. This halves the rate of data transfer to the SSD by comparison with any entry level M1 Mac. I would like to beg all purchasers of any M2 Mac to pay an extra $200 for a 512 Gb SSD to create a balanced fast system.

  18. Spawn

    In short way, they lowered the price because of India Market. The population keeps growing and sofware engineering is the most popular in young age students. Apple saw this potential and they started this price strategy.

  19. Tanurjyoti Bala

    4:10 GDP is the amount of goods and services that a country produces every year, valuation of a company is the estimated value since the company's inception. They are completely different metrics. Its like comparing a child to a motorcycle because both use oxygen to produce energy and run.

  20. Dennis W

    I agree. It is the Mac Mini that got the real upgrade

  21. Moses David

    $599 is a very competitive price but amd is very competitive there as well. Dont think marketshare will change any time soon

  22. One issue you didn't address in your build of the PC off PC Parts Picker – you didn't include the cost of a Windows 11 license. Unless you want to pay for a key from a dodgy 3rd party seller, a Win 11 OEM key will cost you an additional $139, or almost 25% the cost of a basic Mac Mini. You can, of course, use Linux for free, with all of the pros and cons that entails.

  23. bzzerc

    how is the base model m2 mac mini SSD speeds did they do the same thing as the other m2 chips and cripple the ssd speeds with only one 256gb chip vs 2 128 chips?

  24. Rohit

    Hi, I am looking to buy a mac mini m2 pro, 10 core cpu, 16 gb ram and 1tb ssd, primarily for gaming, how do you suggest the experience will be, given all the upgrades that have happened to the recent macs?
    P.s – I know macs are never recommended for gaming, but i love the minis form factor and sync with all my other apple devices and video editing that i will need to do. Hence the mac. But how well will it hold up when gaming?

  25. VinP

    Please recommend a best 2.1 sound system for my Mac mini M1

  26. Luciano Rocha

    Yeah, please don't buy one of these with only 8GB of ram for any kind of multimedia content production.
    You will for sure regret it. Also keep in mind you can't upgrade it.

  27. So i have a question that I'm hoping to get an answer. I just recently bought a 16 m1 pro MacBook pro from best buy and i am within time to exchange it for the M2 pro 16 inch. The difference is a $200. From my discount. Should i exchange it?

  28. Rhedox

    The "neural engine" doesn't have any benefit for coding.

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