M2 MacBook Pro 14 4 Months Later! The SHOCKINGLY Great Update!

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  1. MegaTechpc

    At $1699 from Apple Refurbished I really cant think of anything you can buy today that rivals the M2 MBP 14”. I will absolutely be rocking this thing very soon and may even finally retire my custom water-cooled PC build I put together back in 2013 as the MBP is about a thousand times more powerful despite being a laptop. Keep in mind I built the absolute best PC I could back in 2013 with a 4930K, Rampage IV Extreme, 32GB of DDR3 3133MHz, and TWO GTX Titans in a TJ11 case. All-in I spent about $7k on my PC with a custom loop and all EK blocks (CPU, GPU’s and even mobo) yet the MBP is so much more powerful in every single way (other than not being able to run some of my games). The only issue I’m struggling with in making my first switch to Mac is that I edit in Premiere and will have to learn Final Cut from scratch which will suck at first, but the power and convenience advantages out of this laptop are undeniable and at $1699 the value is actually really good as well! I will need to get a dock setup for use in the office (and my old 27” Korean IPS monitors with genuine 1440p Apple panels eons work since they’re D/L DVI) but I’ve needed to upgrade monitors for my editing for years anyway. I would LOVE to get two of the Studio Displays to hook up to the MBP as they look fantastic but those things cost as much as the laptop (EACH)! I dunno, we’ll see, but I cant wait to get my MBP in and start learning MacOS for the first time!

  2. Jande Anglin

    9:05 Lol I want a Xiaomi Redmibook Pro 15 (2022) from Aliexpress just because of the ports and the design.

  3. Exonorated

    Just picked up a maxed out macbook pro M1 max (64gb, 4tb) for $3,200 at BH. Otherwise, the m2 pro was on my list

  4. Jacob Gosselin

    A few months back I upgraded from an intel MBA and was deciding with M1 or M2 MBP and I went with the 16 inch M1 Pro MacBook Pro and I love it. best display ive ever seen. all day battery life and the new build/body makes it feel like a high quality machine not just a piece of metal that could break at any point.

  5. ajsconk1

    I’m trying to decide on a computer for school and this was exactly what I needed. I found it on the refurbished page. Watch out that they don’t let you filter by 2023 release date.

  6. Konner Johnson

    I am planning to get a new laptop this fall and I’m going back and forth between the M1 Pro 14 or the M2 Air. Any recommendations?

  7. Smoothstreamz

    nice video i love my mbp max 14. its honestly the best computer ive ever owned. Ive yet to hear fans or overheat issues. btw you look like andre from the league lol

  8. Ron Ferry

    I have the 14" M1 Pro Base model, but running into issues. Didn't think I needed Windows any more and could do everything on ARM version and Linux Arm versions. Well Somethings just don't work with the tools I have to use. Ended up getting a machine just to run VM's, but on the go I'm kinda limited. I have thought about down grading to a 16" MacBook Pro with intel… Anyone else run into this issue?

  9. I just let my m1 MacBook Air fall and the screen is broken, as well as the case. I am now searching for a replacement, do you think I should get this MacBook Pro 14 or the 13. MacBook Air m2 or the m1 again ? I am a university student.

  10. Austin Cowper

    Gary, you've given the reason to get the M2 over the M1 at this point, but what about waiting for the M3 Pros? Do you think they will be worth holding out for? Assuming you don't need a laptop right this very second.

  11. Pierre Milne

    Hi Gary. I really want the MacBook Pro 16. I only want the 16, due to the screen size. Always had the 13inch version, and I just want the biggest. It won't hamper me in daily traveling between home and office. Honestly, M1 or M2. Kindly note I'm from South Africa, so that limits me to Apple merchandise. I will really appreciate your feedback!

  12. Tony Burzio

    Apple is going after AAA gaming! Hideo Kojima at WWDC!

  13. Joseph Regallis

    I'm interested in the 16" MacBook because I use a 17" laptop and I don't take my computer off my desk. I like the fact that I can move it if necessary and I like the lower power that the Apple laptop uses!

  14. Bradley Cochran

    Hi Gary, I love the channel and I have the Corsair A1600 as a windows gaming laptop and I have the M2 Max MacBook Pro 16. It is not bad to carry, but I am heading to get the MacBook Air, because I will be traveling soon. Do you recommend the MacBook air for creating training modules in Articulate and PowerPoint. I also would use it to teach my online classes.

  15. Michael Chambers

    I can't justify updating from M1 Max 16-inch. This thing is still running completely fine.

  16. Lonzo

    This man still hasn't reviewed the Samsung Book 3 Ultra SMH

  17. Pathseeker

    Still rocking my 14' M1 Pro. Very happy with it! However, I can definitely see the benefits of upgrading to M2 Pro for those who have older Intel models.

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