M2 Max MacBook Pro Review: Back to Bumps!

It’s an (impressive) bump instead of a quantum leap.
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Laptop provided by Apple for review.



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  1. CargoShorts

    snagged the base model M1 Macbook pro on sale for $1500 and while I feel like that was a killer deal, the tech consumer in me wants the newest and best thing lol. But I'm sure the base M1 pro will still cruise through music production and other basic needs.

  2. Esteban Vicenzi

    All Apple Silicon Macs so far are interesting in some way… but I'm still waiting for the Mac Pro (not necessarily to buy it though).

    TBF, socks and sandals look ok and are very comfortable.

  3. slushy

    1:10 if another laptop comes out apple will call it M3 pro max 5G

  4. Gent Ho Chan

    Impressed by the technically impressive opening shot; RESPECT FOR THE ENDING HAHAHAHAHA

  5. J V

    Funny how the first thing I’ve been looking forward to after seeing the M2 Macbook pros was this video! Says a lot about how MKBHD is a cultural reference.

  6. savannah

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  7. Eugene W

    At this point – just sell us quantum computers already …

  8. Shari Williams

    Those are the cool socks and sandals. Lol I want to see THESE 🧦 and 🩴 or the Birkenstocks .

  9. H B

    Yo those aint sandals

  10. UFVA

    8:03 Maques said I should wait to 2027, thank you Marques 🙂

  11. repoman1966

    You say this is more for people who own older macbook laptops. I own a late 2013 MBP, and went onto the apple store website to see what trade in deal I could get. Basically, they said recycle it. I can understand it probably be worthless to aple as it's 10 years old, but as a potential buyer of a new M2 Macbook pro they they should be giving an incentive to me to buy it. the cost of the m2 max with 38 core gpu is almost £500 more than the previous m1 max with 32 core gpu. That's a lot of money increase wise and then not offer any incentive to an older macbook owner to go and buy one.

  12. Michael Audrey

    I have an entry level 1st gen 15inch touchbar mbp (late 2016), how big of a jump will i expect when i upgrade to m2 max?😂

  13. e21big

    I don't use Apple product, but honestly, even with that incremental improvement, if I want a Macbook that HDMI 2.1 alone is a good enough feature to have over last year (8k maybe silly, but 4k 120hz totally isn't)

  14. John Vito

    Bro… white socks and Birkenstocks! You’re cheating 😒

  15. Dean Solecki

    Mine shows up today. I know watching this video is going to make me feel like I should have waited for the 2024 model, but my 2017 MBP is struggling with chrome tabs. :

  16. Xerxes 🪐

    7:52 this was very funny joke, earlier I use to think like that way.

  17. Amin

    Is this the follow-up to the M1 Abrams?


    If you can render the same video on same m1 which you did a year ago .. want to see if over the time speed reduces

  19. Montezuma

    I really like how he pointed out to the people that "should" be waiting for the next M3 chips. You'll be waiting forever, but also miss out on some great deals on the older M1 that'll appear and you'll just waste your time and money by the time you're tired of waiting.

  20. Abhishek Gupta

    I am using M1 pro on 16 inch MacBook and the biggest thing which i love about the device is the battery life, it is just amazing .

  21. Taschen Rechner

    Apple is, when you have the original M1 Macbook Pro from 2020 and it feels old. Like actually OLD.

  22. Bryant Collins

    Many thanks for making this video! Been reading and watching video reviews on the new Mac. I'm one of the ones who has an older mac (2012 here lol) but watching your video and Andres Vidoza's review have helped tremendously on my decision

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