M2 Max MacBook Pro – The Portable Mac Studio!

The MacBook Pro 16 M2 Max is more powerful that I thought it would be. In fact, if you’re thinking of Mac Studio you might want to watch this review first!

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  1. Tom Lee

    I think my m1 pro 16 mbp is already thunderbolt 4. Not sure if you mean compare to intel 16 mbp or I misunderstood the video.

  2. TheGuy

    Great video, but M1 Pro and M1 Max has: Three Thunderbolt 4 (USB-C) ports. Maybe you forgot that.

  3. Steff Dia

    You can no longer buy M1 Max on Apple store. It's just M2 Pro.

  4. Pasha Faith

    M1 Pro had thunderbolt 4 as well, it’s not new to M2 as you mentioned

  5. Tom

    What’s the M1 Max 14 inch vs 16 inch performance like? Is there much of a difference? No one seems to be answering this.

  6. SunsetGaming

    I really like your video and agree with most of what you said, except on the gaming aspect. I would say the reason not to get a Mac for gaming is not its performance but rather the low number of titles available. Off course, if you’re looking for mainly gaming as the use of your computer, the graphics performance is also very important, but keep in mind the Mac will sustain that performance unplugged, contrary to gaming laptops (or the compromise to battery life also becomes a dealbreaker). Overall, and many other reviewers have said this, the MacBook Pro may be the best overall gaming laptop, with great speakers, great built and quality, good battery life, and very good performance for optimized titles (look at Resident Evil Village for example). So, if you’re looking for the best overall laptop, I can’t think of a better option than the MacBook Pro. And if or when more Apple Silicon native games arrive to the platform, I could not think of a better overall gaming laptop to play those games and keep all above mentioned advantages than the MacBook.



  7. SunsetNova

    Very impressed how Apple were able to provide solid performance increase using the same 5nm fabrication technology so imagine what the M3 will be like using 3nm!? I suspect the M3 will be awesome

  8. Karayip Mavisi

    3:57 I don't know about the Blender results but this could also be a simple single core performance bottleneck, since we're talking about games and a lot of these Mac games use less optimized and older APIs.

  9. Ema Fernández

    96Gb of RAM… I started my software engineering career with an intel 386 – 16Mb of RAM… beautiful machine, the Borland C++'s blue is still burning my eyes lol! glorious times.

  10. Alljst4fn

    Not sure what to get I might wait till I see more testing. At the moment I can pick up a Apple refurbished MacBook Pro Max with 32gb ram 10cpu/32gpu cores & 1tb ssd for slightly less money than a MacBook Pro M2 with 16gb ram 12cpu/19gpu cores & 1tb ssd. I primarily will use it for photo editing and light gaming when I travel. Wondering what others think I should do?

  11. JoAT Tech

    I need to see Davinci Resolve results to be 100% what to think.

  12. Barbary Studio

    I hope to see s comparison between this:

    Macbook pro 16 m2 max 64gb

    Thinkpad extreme x1 with 64 gb with latest intel cpu and nvidea gpu model 2023

    Thinkpad z16 with highest amd grapics model 2023

    Razer blade 16 with the best specs possible 2023

    This will be a hell of a video

  13. Bryan S

    That is one drool worthy laptop. And way more than I need in a portable device. But thanks for the review!

  14. Matthew Apsey

    Why buy an M2 Max when you can get a refurbished M1 Max on sale?

  15. Andreas Lassak

    Amd Ryzen 7040 will kills this in perfomance .. this a lot of people doesnt understand .. in switch between ARM and x86, like RISC vs CISC chips.

  16. forWrath

    I will follow your advice ( don’t get jealous) not upgrading ✌️👌👍 thank you

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