M3 MacBook Pro VS M2 MacBook Air – THE TRUTH!

Apple now has a new consumer level laptop that you may want to consider with the new M3 MacBook Pro with its new price friendly $1599 price point, however… what are the real world benefits of spending more money on a MacBook Pro instead of a MacBook Air and is performance difference really a big factor when you compare the M3 chip to the M2?

Buy M3 MacBook Pro: https://howl.me/ck0HSaehc6H
Buy M2 MacBook Air: https://howl.me/cknyigHuIt6 (BestBuy Sale)

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M3 MacBook Pro: https://amzn.to/3QEgb5w
M2 MacBook Air: https://amzn.to/3MLdmOG


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  1. Ethan Jackson

    Man I love your little snippets of comedy like comparing the M3 to yourself on the bench 😂😂

  2. I feel the same. The airs are only good deals for those getting the base models. For anyone who wants to future proof or uograde anything, just look at the pros. And thats been done on purpose by Apple hasn't it. Because you look at the M3 pro with 8gb ram & realise you'll definitely need 16gb and then now the gulf in price between the base air models which is where you began considering macbooks & this macbook pro that you now realise you need in order to replace your perfectly well functioning windows machine makes you feel sick the gut.

    GregBench ftw!!!

  3. Bo Hansen

    I dont understand why everybody makes the sound check? The audio in the video will never be as good as the live sound. If I was making the purchase based on a speaker test I would not buy a mac. That said the sound is amazing on the mac. Just light years away from other brands.

  4. Fpv-Droneracing

    In Europe prices are so different😢. Basemodel pro is €2029 and gap between air much much bigger

  5. Apple’s “only $100 more” never ending spend escalation is Timmy perfect. At some point you need to stop spend – and that point is only $100 less than a slightly “better” option.

  6. I've been eyeing a new MacBook and this breakdown of the M3 MacBook Pro versus the M2 MacBook Air really helps. The price difference versus the features is quite something to consider. The display and performance variations are intriguing. The choice seems to come down to individual needs. Keep it up Greg!

  7. SA Citizen

    I’m buying a 13 inch MB pro M2 same price as 15 inch MB air

  8. 80 percent of people who buy these expensive computers only use them for email or checking social media

  9. Concept

    I think it comes down to what you plan on using the macbook for? If it's for work and running resource intensive tasks? Get the 2k Macbook Pro with the M3 Pro chip. No doubt about it. For most people just get the macbook air. I feel like a lot people are underestimating how much you can do with only a base model.

  10. iali00

    I have the MBP and will say that 120h refresh is the most overrated thing ever. I can’t tell the difference. Everything else is a cut above almost any laptop. It’s a joy to use the 14in MBP.

  11. Huy Luu

    When I upgraded my M1 MacBook Air to the new base m3 MacBook Pro I knew it was not a PRO level machine. And I don’t use it for that. I’m a college student, I mainly use Microsoft word, YouTube, and gmail along with some extra apps and things here and there. Did I need to upgrade? Hell no. My m1 was running like clockwork and after 2 years I could’ve kept it even longer. I upgraded because I wanted better speakers ( even tho the m1 was already exceptional), the promotion display and more brightness. If you are thinking about getting this laptop as a student and it is within your budget pls grab it. Even at the baseline if you do what I outlined above this machine is already future proof even with 8gb of ram. This is not a PRO machine, it’s basically just the best MacBook Air in my opinion. Plus with apple trade in and the student discount, my m3 came out to be just 1k which I believe is a steal for this new device. Hope this info helps anyone thinking about upgrading!

  12. Hans Hoebeke

    Was ‘faced’ with this choice a few days ago. In terms of performance, my base M1 air is still totally sufficient (remains speedy, excellent battery life – after more than 2.5 years of daily use as my main work machine (writing, research,…) but.. I was looking for a machine with a larger screen… had some serious doubt between the new pro and the air 15 and decided to opt for the air 15 (with 512 – because it is speedier than the 256), with same speed storage would have gone for the 256 (enough for my needs). If you do a lot of graphics work, the pro screen may be better, but honestly for my use – and i think for general use, the air screen (both sizes) is great. Heck – other than the size I have no complaints about my M1 air (and yes, I have an ipad pro 12.9 M1 with a screen comparable to the pro) but in daily use i feel it hardly matters. After nearly a week, no regrets about the choice, the 15 air is a great laptop, the screen is superb and helps a lot in my workflow. For optimal comfort I use a roost laptop stand and apple keyboard / logitech mouse for longer stretches of writing. And maybe it is just because it is new and I baby it, but when working a bit on the couch, I grab the M1 air.. so of you can’t fall back on one of those and use your new mac in such situation and need a slightly largeur screen than the air 13, go for the pro. the built is great and feels considerably smaller than the air 15… what a pleasure these machines are to work with…!

  13. Ange Alexiel

    The M3 is way better even for the 200 price diffeerence, your bench was not good at all , cos all mac have the same hardware video encores and decoders , so of course the result will be the same, but do another video using software H264 on handbrake for example and you'll see M3 beats the M2 all times… the M3 is more future proof , or wait for an M3 MacBook air imho … but the pro have so much to offer compared to the air.

  14. Winston smith

    I am a prosumer photographer. I would go with the Pro because of the better display and the M3 is better with Photoshop

  15. Black Circle

    256 gb of SSD and like 25gb is taken up by the operating system. Then most likely a good 10gb taken up by apps…. it's really bad

  16. Shadyy28

    The "Greg Bench" needs to be a test more frequently used in these MacBook comparisons 😂

  17. Cam

    I just bought M1 Pro 14 inch 2021 for $1250 better value then M2 air Higher Ram and more Storage.

  18. James Edward

    Most places now have the 15 inch Air starting at 1099 and the 13 inch at 949. (Base models)

  19. AnimeGeek611

    I’ll go with the air for the simple fact that I can’t stand fan noise.

  20. Rich D

    I was looking at all of these today and the display of the 15 Air was significantly better than the 13 Air. I’ll go back and try to compare with the 14 Pro. I really do think I want 16GB memory though since I will be running docker.

  21. Cid Medeiros

    As of 2023, 16GB is the minimum decent amount of RAM. It is shameful that Apple is still releasing new MacBook models with only 8GB of RAM, which is insufficient for many users’ needs, and charging a premium price for the decent 16GB. This practice is not only unfair to customers, but it also shows a lack of respect for their intelligence and needs.

  22. AlexColdRock

    I have watch your entire video with the base M3 MacBook Pro in 4k and the display is just incredible!!!!! This make your video look awesome!!!!!

  23. DBTech

    I wonder if the MacBook Air thickness and weight is basically a preview of a future MacBook Pro. By the way, when you use Macs for normal things and not Final Cut Pro, the Air is perfectly fine with performance.

  24. Andreas Hansen

    NOISE! I've heard that the single fan on the entry level M3 can get crazy. Air is silent. That's a biiiig plus for the air!!!!

  25. Jane

    Don't be fooled is getting old , but love your videos Greg… lol

  26. Muhluri

    I once tried the M2 air at a store and it’s incredibly thin!

  27. TechnoMan

    Get the heaviest MacBook Pro you can, work out those Guns at the same time as you type

  28. Jay Jay

    I would do the 15inch MacBook Air 16 gb and 512ssd but that’s me

  29. Brett St Pierre

    I was about to get the 15” Air with 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD when the new M3 Pro was released. The price for the same spec is close enough and the M3 Pro only weighs 40 grams more than the 15” Air. I handled them both in the local Apple Store and the M3 Pro feels more portable due to size.
    It’s a no brainer when you compare the screens in particular. Yes the 15” Air has more real estate but the 14” Pro looks better.

    I’m so relieved I didn’t shell out for the Air. The Pro turned up just in time to make to right decision and get the Pro. It’s going to be better for my Lightroom photo editing as well

  30. Germano Polito

    Once the macbook pro started at 1,549€ now is 2,049€ (in italy)

  31. AVM3798

    Now compare the m2 macbook air 15 inch and 16gb ram to the base macbook pro m3

  32. Cláudio Silva

    Macbook air with 16GB of RAM easy pick, don't forget the student discount, that has 0 validation so anyone can buy it discounted directly from apple

  33. amill1563

    I am interested in the M3 Pro since I have an M1 Air. Wondering if I should upgrade.

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