MacBook Air M3 (13 & 15): Don’t Be Fooled!

๐ŸŽ‰ MacBook Air 15 M2 ($400 OFF – 16GB):
๐Ÿ‘‰ MacBook Air 15 M2 ($300 OFF – 8GB):
๐Ÿ’ป MacBook Air 13 M3:
๐Ÿ›’ MacBook Air 13 M2 (On Sale):
๐Ÿ’ป MacBook Air 15 M3 (16GB):

๐Ÿ‘‰ All Our Favorite Laptops:

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00:51 Performance
03:31 Battery Life
04:35 Pros
04:58 Cons
05:32 Pricing
07:07 Who Should Buy These
09:13 Conclusion

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  1. @YaYousef5

    5:13 I've seen some other channels record screens at slow-mo speeds to show the difference in screen refresh rate since even if you film at 60p (looks like you record at 24p?) you can't see the difference because 60 fps is the max supported frame rate on YouTube.

  2. I do not agree with your take…..actually, I see current Windows/x86 hardware companies moving to both ARM-based processors AND fixed, non-upgradable units….especially at computers directed towards non-Pro consumers. Frankly, Apple has led the way (going back to the Bondi iMac and later the iPhone 4) … tech company can argue with their TREMENDOUS success…..they just wait 4 to 6 financial quarters before imitating another element of Apple's design philosophy so it won't look like they are panicking.

  3. @wlcrutch

    Android app development with emulator and base model M1 Air was snappy AF

  4. @geraxho

    On my experience the air keyboard is more comfortable than the pros because it's lower, felt that after typing for hours.

  5. @mw7967

    I was really considering an Air at the base configuration. I hear YouTube influencers saying, "8 Gigs of memory is good for basic tasks." While this may be true, it's also true that for the price of the base model, you can buy a much more capable Windows machine. In fact, if you're buying the base config Air to simply watch video, stream content, or answer emails, you're basically describing the perfect use case wherein a chrome book would be an infinitely better buy, because that's all the base Airs would be good for anyway.

  6. @danawakes2001

    8GB is enough for MOST people.
    Microsoft charges the same for RAM upgrades.

  7. @SamsonCBLau

    Thank for your information, I am using my M1 Pro 14" basic model for my daily work and photo editing (at home I will plug in my 28" 4k mon), I wish to looking for a lighter and bigger mon for use, it is good to trade for m3 air 15" 16G 512 ?

  8. @vsuperbhat

    Hey Josh. Can you check how docker runs on a MBA 16gb ram ?

  9. @Kevin-xz4jq

    Quickly becoming the most useful laptop review channel. Great work Josh!

  10. @ouzzz_6480

    i cant wait to see the first pc powered by the snapdragon x

  11. @libremerlin

    Did HP already fix that palm rest problem? Or is it still there?

  12. @marksaxon

    Here comes the Apple fanboys who say 8GB of memory is fine. Lol. I'm on a Logic Pro FB group and I have lost count how many times I'm told my recommendation of getting at least 16GB for that app is ridiculous and how 8GB is fine. Apple should have upped the base memory to something like 10GB or 12GB. That would make sense and I could get behind that.

  13. @taylorshin

    I purchased MBP14 with M2Pro, 16GB/512GB and returned it. At first, it was great. Extra long battery life, great screen to code and design on, great UX from MacOS, existence of brew that I can use Linux stuffs, and even the CAD programs that I currently use runs ok on the Apple silicon.

    But once I figured out that 512 was terribly short to run anything with virtual machine, which became a mandatory due to platform shift and doesn't have a good performance since it needs to be x86, the 16+512 was not even close…

    So, with the return, I got ASUS G14! Which came with 16GB of memory soldered with an empty SO-DIMM slot and I had a leftover 2TB 2280 M.2 lying around from my desktop PC upgrade, this G14 is now 32+2T with ample power to run everything I need. Even with virtual machines!

    Had Apple had a little courtesy they had with my 2008 Unibody MBP, I would have kept the M2Pro MBP14. But being locked out of further upgrade or replacing when something goes wrong, seems too much of planned obsolescence and money gouging instead of selling a good product.

  14. @brachiator1

    Good review. Appreciate the Windows alternatives. I wish that Windows laptops had better battery life.

  15. @shaneholly11

    They'll play this game it's ridiculous I don't care whether you like Mac or Windows or Linux but the bare minimal should be 16 gigs dual Channel no exceptions

  16. @Manuel-rl6um

    I think they should change to:
    – Base model 12GB/256GB (some people really do most in the browser but RAM is important for that)
    – Ram upgrades to 18/24/32GB

  17. @FuryRoadWarrior

    Outstanding video, as always, mate! I traded in my M1 Air for the 13" M3 Air (16GB/1TB). I love the portability of the smaller Air. My main computer for work/fun is my desktop PC (14700/4080), so an MBP is some serious overkill — love that miniLED screen, tho.

  18. @Hisenormity

    You're wasting your breath. Apple sheep are happy to be ripped off by Apple.

  19. Been Waiting for Josh's opinion of the new Macbook's and safe to say was totally worth it.

  20. @Bjowolf2

    Would it be theoretically possible for tech persons to desolder the 8 GB RAM module(s) to add 16 GB etc. to these Mac Book Airs instead?

    Are we going to see this service being offered? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. @RaviVerma-lx5vk

    Great content sir,
    I have seen some real life battery test of MacBook Air m2 on YouTube and it drops 26% BATTERY in MacBook Air 15" and 29% BATTERY in MacBook Air 13" after 3 hours of online video streaming.

    I also did same test in my GalaxyBook4 Pro 14" and i got 11 hours of BATTERY LIFE in balanced Mode and Optimised mode from Samsung setting. 27% drop after every three hours which is exactly same as MacBook Air. OLED displays consume more battery than ips Icd.

    I got galaxy book 4 pro for โ‚น108490 imcluding 18% tax (1084 dollars)

  22. @Anteater23

    I bought MacBook Pro 18GB the other day. I think that should be enough for me for the next few years as I start my Software development career (as you have said before only buy what you need and donโ€™t overspend on future proofing).

  23. @paigeme886

    This was an excellently explained video! Your comparison to the MacBook pros and description of it was really fantastic! Definitely agree with May things you said and learnt things too!

  24. @RaviVerma-lx5vk

    Again great content.
    60hz ips lcd, 8GB Ram, thunderbolt 3 and 256GB storage is just disgusting and very very dumb.
    As a consumer i cannot even consider these laptops because of intelcoreultra laptops are giving overall great package.

    I know apple macbook os great and also apple silicon

  25. @neilandrei

    For the cheaper alternative I would have said the HP Pavilion Plus 14 that you can get at Costco for $600-$700 it has 1TB of storage, 16GB memory, 120hz OLED screen and AMD 7840U

  26. @AyoHues

    Not sure why reviewers arenโ€™t comparing the M3 Air and the base MBP with the M3 (not the M3 Pro chip)? You get the better screen, ports, thermal headroom etcโ€ฆ

  27. Thanks Josh!, I waited for the new air 5 M3 to come out before buying, then I waited for you to do your thing before I put my money out, your the only guy I trust to give me not only the whole story and put in perspective, keep up the great work!

  28. @andyH_England

    I am glad Apple offers this base models as if they ditched 8GB/256GB then I could not afford the ยฃ1500 for the 16GB/512GB version. All Windows premium ultrabooks with that spec are more than this, the Surface Laptop 6 with that is ยฃ300 more than the 15-inch Air. I am a light user so 8GB/256GB has served me great for 3.5 years in my MB Pro 13 M1. I am thinking of upgrading for the 15-inch base model and it is already below ยฃ1200 and there is no premium Windows ultrabook close to that apart from the Surface Laptop 6 which is a similar price for 8GB/256GB. The rest are ยฃ1600+.

    So kudos to Apple for giving those of us that are not well off a chance to buy a new luxury product as before I could only afford secondhand and you never quite know what you are getting. Hopefully, Apple and MS keep their 8GB/256GB base models going, as they clearly understand that not all of us are able to pay 50% extra for RAM and storage we donโ€™t need.

  29. @oneilmagno6497

    Hi Josh, is a used base model Macbook Pro 14 with M1 Pro be a better value than any current Macbooks with M3 chips? Love the vid btw!

  30. @therealdeal7468

    Hi Josh, how does the HP pavilion plus 14 Ryzon 7 perform for coding? I've got one on the way.

  31. @hanva100

    Do you think matte or glossy display is better for your type of usage, like video editing, programming or graphism

  32. @Namu4Life

    Will you do reviews for the legion gen 9 2024 lineup? And the zenbook duo 2024?

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