MacBook Gaming Still Sucks – GTX 1080 + macOS

Apple MacBooks with external GPUs are great in Boot Camp. But are they really worth it?
Get THIS instead –

Mantiz Venus –
(Awesome eGPU for windows laptops)

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  1. Dave2D

    I had high hopes for external GPUs in macOS high sierra but performance is still pretty lame. Thanks for watching 2d fam!

  2. Cavey Möth

    Could the lack of DirectX be partly to blame? o.O I reckon that games have to rely on open-source APIs like OpenGL or Vulkan in order to be compatible with any Mac OS, right?

  3. Andrew Drake

    He says it like it is….build a gaming pc or buy a gaming laptop! Great video.

  4. Yuxin Chen

    Can you please help me with running EGPU on bootcamp ? Something like error code 12 occurs all the tine

  5. Jaysen B

    Better idea to buy a PC, even if you own a mac!

  6. manos tsafos

    OR and hear me out here, we use TWO ports for the connection ? are there any boxes with two tb ports ?

  7. Aarun Al-Rasyid

    the adventages from Macbook is only one it can run whatever Operating System you want. not like the other. although your desktop/laptop could run hackintos but that will not work properly,

  8. Lance Tan

    Hi I have a similar setup to yours, except I am running on the Late 2016 13" MBP hooked up to an RX 560 in a Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Box. When I try to run it with the external display, the displays section in the About this Mac window says both the internal and external displays are running with the AMD Rx 560, which is not supposed to be the case, right? Because the internal is supposed to run with the iGPU and the external is supposed to run with the eGPU.

    Also, even though it says that both the internal and external displays are running with the AMD Rx 560, all my apps still run on the iGPU (regardless if I drag the app window to the external display). This is very weird. Please help…

  9. Isidoros K.

    How can you mix and match different things? If you need 4 wheels to get to work you don't buy a Ferrari. You can't compare a gaming laptop with a portable pro laptop! don't compare gaming with portability and work. Macbooks owned by different ppl looking for different things. And you running VMs of windows on Macs and you compare timings? Are you sure you know how that works in the macbook? That at the same time runs another 1000 processes? and the windows on the VM is most probably a light version which is also clean of any junk processes running on an actual windows machine? have you tested on an actual windows laptop? That crashes constantly with windows on it? Macs are expensive yes, and making difficult to find 3rd party additions, but reliability is far better than anything else in the market. Windows laptops are of the worst and just copying Apple's practices. New 2018 laptops coming up with even more expensive price tags than Macs, and far less performance and quality. e.g. the new Dell 2in1 15'' which has SOldered ram!! the cpu supports up to 64gb of ram… but guess what! you can't even have 32! clever huh? But only apple sucks because they don't offer 32gb righ?! and because it's soldered as well!

  10. Kishaloy B.

    eGPU enclosures are a joke..I mean why would that empty box of metal cost that much??? Considering the circuits and PSU the price still should be around $150-$200 max….and that's me being considerate….for now it's just a overpriced piece of shit….

  11. cfx

    Well, it still sucks because Mac's arent made for gaming…

  12. ExpectDragons

    The set up i'm mulling over would be about £2 grand for a mid level MacBook 13" no touch bar which with the next CPU refresh would be quad core, Mantiz MZ-02 enclosure & RX 580. This would be the same cost if i built a gaming PC alongside the MacBook or ultrabook instead. Also from my research this set up outperforms laptops with dedicated GPU's (aside from those huge inch thick gaming ones) as the they use under clocked chips and have a thermal bottleneck.

    There are however more enclosures out this year that's cheaper but fewer ports, some of which have external power bricks making them slimmer with better thermals. When you weigh up the pro's and cons this set up makes sense for me personally as i want that extra kick when at my desk but don't want to give up the portability and don't want to run two computers again.

  13. Bo Jangles

    I love Macs and I'm typing this on my Retina MacBook Pro, but MACS SUCK ASS for gaming (except the Mac Pro) and always will until they put a real high-end dedicated GPU in the machine, and that's not going to happen. If you want to game, your choices are PC or console.

  14. Jeff Turner

    It's just Open GL vs Direct X that's really making the difference via OS

  15. tony

    Why do you need an external monitor too?

  16. iciconnect

    A MacBook is NOT a MacBook Pro!😡
    Very misleading title.

  17. Manan Rami

    mac os is best with productivity gaming on mac is not make sense!!

  18. Delta

    im not surprised. MacBooks always suck in gaming and Apple never gives a fucking shit about it.

  19. Kevin Yeandel

    Totally agree. Just bought the Aorus GTX 1080 and no amount of faffing about will it work with my 2017 MBP. Have yet to see my HTC Vive Pro on operation. Just a very expensive waste of money so far. Should have gone the PC route. Apple let themselves down here and going to loose money as folk turn to Windows to experience VR.

  20. The British

    Dave, can you test the new Blackmagic eGPU with some popular online games. Thanks!

  21. Helge Schneider

    Still that bad one year later…? Considering to get the mantiz 2 and put in all the parts from my gaming pc – good idea?

  22. Tynan Roussety

    I have a 2018 iMac and a gtx 1080. If I run boot camp will I get the same performance as I would a normal windows build? With similar specs?

  23. Laeeq Humam

    Hi mate, I have OMEN accelerator wx7100. I am facing hard times to connect it. Does it need any driver as well?

  24. Benjamin Chou

    Actually, I think eGPU may be a good choice for me. I have XPS 9370 and use an external screen monitor, so the thing is that should I buy GPU + eGPU enclosure or buy another new computer? The answer is obvious.

  25. Ohm Atiwat

    Hey Dave Lee, I have some questions regarding the video.
    1. how did you manage to use the GTX1080 with the mac OS? Is there an official support for Nvidia cards now?
    2. I've heard that many have ran into problems with eGPUs on bootcamp, did you ever ran across the problems or had to fix it even?
    3. Does the razer core X work with OSX Mojave?

  26. Joshmakey12

    I’m thinking about getting the Blackmagic egpu does it run on boot camp?

  27. Richard Guzman

    I was wondering, when playing games on Macbook pro with eGPU will it run cooler or hotter if I were to add an external monitor? There are some discussion about the new MBP 15 having issues with heating and throttling when playing games. So…. my solution was to add a eGPU (1080ti) with a monitor. Of course I will also have to RUN windows boot camp with this type of GPU. So…. if I were to add an external monitor, what will happen with the performance??

  28. Keri

    More like mac gaming Sucks yes mac sucks

  29. TxT Peer

    You need to plug a pc and a gpu on your mac for play game haahhaahaahhahahahaahahha

  30. Mona Essa

    Mac is actually not good for gaming pc is better

  31. ThanatosXRS

    If apple wasnt retarded and allowed OEMs to use macOS, windows would have some real competition.

  32. LoL XD

    Macbook Pro external GPU will only work best on AMD card apparently…

  33. Sim Jie

    Apple can grow so fast is because they sell old technology for higher price then latest technology price.

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