MacBook Pro 14 – My Experience after 1 YEAR!

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M1 Pro MacBook Pro 14 – My Experience after 1 YEAR – covering issues, wear & tear, battery life, usage & more!

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  2. gwvaio

    Lol why would you ever want to life your laptop like that with one finger. Also complaint about .20 kilograms

  3. Galaxy機長

    I'm heavily using the 14 base model everyday and regretting little bit in terms of performance. It often struggles on DaVinci 4K 60FPS video editing.
    I chose the base model mostly because of the price, and informations of the performance & battery difference of base and 10 core from other videos.
    However even if I've chosen the Max chip, the battery life would had shorten even more like this video. The battery health of mine is similar to his.
    Btw I didn't even consider the 16 in terms of the weight, whilst the best battery life on the other side

  4. Fakrul Musa

    Keyboard laptops need pbt finishing instead abs for long term

  5. santiago suarez

    Well is the 14inch with the M1 Max , that is not an issue that is your fault for doing a dumb purchase, you should have choose the M1 Pro or the 16 inch. And about the weight and being just 200 grms more like come on, if we didn’t knew that you are Rumanian I would say that you are American for complaining for such dumb things, with all do respect :v

  6. iAkashPaul

    For the menu bar there is open source tool called Hidden Bar, which collapses items to the left of the separator after some time automatically.

  7. Anil Kherajani

    Hi, I am confused whether to buy 16gb ram or 32 gb ram . My use will be for office use as a professional, trading and video watching @zoneoftech

  8. My pov stop talking about how thick it is I have a gaming laptop it’s not even a question

  9. Noctua Lucifugo

    That's interesting. One of the main selling points of these M1/M2 laptops, at least for me, it's the battery life. If this is the case, then it's just a regular laptop.

  10. Johnny dixs

    I have the 13" MAC book pro with the Intel chip should I upgrade to the 14" M1 chip?

  11. Davout

    The guy killed the battery and then complains how the battery is poor…

  12. Cameron Bosch

    The problem with the M1 Pro is that even two external monitors can feel limiting for me. I have three, and of course I cannot use the M1 or M1 Pro with my setup.

  13. Cameron Bosch

    2:33 I had the M1 Max 14 inch MacBook Pro, and I don't know what's wrong with yours. I'd gotten 6 – 8 hours of light use, and my 32 core GPU model had no issue with it. I don't use it because I use Linux and Asahi Linux still isn't ready.

  14. Dreamcatcher_11_

    You ruined your battery by always having it plugged in you cant do that. I have a 1yr old MBP16 M1 Pro with 99% battery capacity that lasts me 3days between charges (and it charges fully in 1hr). You have to turn it off over night too.

  15. Neel Suthar

    You should try Hidden bar to hide the icons on menu bar. It works great.

  16. RuneP

    4-5 hours. Thats what I get on my new Dell xps 15. Its a sweet machine (and i can play my favourite games when I want:)

  17. S C.

    Everybody is reporting bad battery health on these new Macs… Can you guys investigate ?

  18. t1g3r

    How much future proofed/long do you think the base M1 Pro would last your average student/recreational/non video editor?

  19. Dubble

    I believe optimised charging is only for over night charging, like on other Apple devices. I very much recommend you use Al Dente, it lets you keep your battery at 70% or any other level. My M1 Air is mostly used plugged in, it's 14 months old and had about 95/92% according to settings/coconutbattery.
    Also, did you ever check your activity monitor for energy use? Occasionally there'll be a rogue app, or just an intense chrome/safari tab, solely pushing your cpu to max. Mine lasts 10+ hours unless logi options+ (mouse software) dies and starts going into the 1000s on activity monitor, in which case it'll be closer to what you experienced. Otherwise, 90 minutes of PS, browser and music take like, 5%.

  20. Jorge Kemp

    My base model is 1 year old and the battery life is no issue at all, I get around Apple's quoted 11 hours pretty consistently. Using Slack (Chrome based app) won't help, Safari is still much better at battery management than Chrome.

  21. jakreu

    I own the M1 Max (binned), but my battery has been pretty decent. It has only dropped to 99% a few weeks ago. I don't use it all day and take good care of it.
    But I will agree the "keep at 80%" feature doesn't work, and the task bar is horrible with the notch. And the keys got shiny after literally two weeks.

  22. gb997

    now that continuity cam exists there is no need to require web cams on laptop screens. imo a detatched camera is far superior not just for quality but also portability if i need to show my audience other things without needing to move my whole laptop. that said, i want my full screen macbook without that ugly notch

  23. Bruno Souza

    I’m thinking about getting the 14” MB Pro since it’s on sale but I really love my intel 2018 13” MB Pro .. it servers all my needs and it’s so thin and portable, I’m sure I’m gonna miss it. Plus I might be the only person in the world that actually like the butterfly keyboard. I really enojou typing on it .

  24. Harrison Tu

    I’ve had battery life issues with mine, too. It was kind of OK until I discovered as dusk falls, which I’ve been playing using parallels. Parallels is a battery life drainer at least for me

  25. Nikolaos Wakem

    I just bought Apple TV randomly at apple shop.. the last 2 I got were crap.. but this new one is awesome… would throughly recommend as way better than my Sony TV and better than Xbox and Chromecast etc … no brainer to buy.. defineilty worth revisiting

  26. Great Video! Can someone help me find this wallpaper? I think its so awesome and need it to😂😅

    Thanks for your help!!! 🙏🏽

  27. Eric Draven

    My battery health on my M1 MacBook Pro from December 2020 is at 94%. After I charge it to 100% I unplug and let it go to about 30% before charging it to 100% again. It’s still a great laptop so for me to see a reason to upgrade it, there has to be a much better specs to do so.

  28. Fortimus Prime

    "30 tabs open"

    Me, a Software Engineering student with hundreds of tabs on different browsers on my M1 MacBook Pro: amateur.

  29. You can get a NEW (not renewed) 14” MacBook Pro base right now from Best Buy for $1,599. I did this 2 weeks ago and love mine. The marginal added weight over an Air is more than worth it for more power, more ports, awesome speakers, and an amazing display. This is a killer deal. An M2 Pro is going to be significantly more expensive and the added power isn’t necessary for 95% of users. Also Best Buy’s are authorized Apple dealers and repair centers (good if you aren’t near an Apple Store).

  30. AliFOJ5

    I got the 14” M1 Pro model with 10 cores and it has been amazing. I recently also started editing gameplay videos using different video editors and it works smoothly so far.

  31. Robert Mulcare

    The grease from typing can just be prevented by cleaning the keyboard with a Lysol wipe once or twice a week no?

  32. Why do folks rag on about battery life like it's an "issue" when they're surrounded by power outlets? It seems trifling. Your battery's low? Plug it in! That's what the chargers are made for.
    Battery life as in issue is only relevant to folks in remote areas with little or no access to a power source or folks who work long hours out in the field..

  33. Juan Lopez

    The battery health on my Air's M1 has also decreased VERY fast 😢😢😢

  34. Blaze Cast

    I have been sporting my 2018 MBP and need an update, but not looking forward to the price point for M2 max spec 14 😢

  35. Harvey Smith

    I keep hearing you say that you got the 14” M1 Max and that you don’t really use it that intensively and it makes me wonder why you didn’t downgrade?

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