You are currently viewing MacBook Pro 15 (2018) – Beware the Core i9

MacBook Pro 15 (2018) – Beware the Core i9

Dave2D review of the 2018 15″ Apple Macbook Pro. The Core i9 runs hot and throttles harder than any of the MacBooks I’ve ever used.
MBP 15 –

The 8th gen CPU from Intel has 6 cores but the thermal design of the 15″ MacBook Pro isn’t cut out for removing the heat. The true-tone screen is awesome. It’s still one of the best screens on the market and is very bright. Third gen butterfly switch keyboard has the membrane to prevent dust from coming in. And the option for 32 gigs of ram is great but it’s still a MacBook Pro and there will be thermal limitations on this design.

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  1. Stefan Firdaus

    Don't worry Mr.Lee, just prepare fire hydrant and everything's gonna be fine

  2. Pianistic Zong

    I just bought Macbook Pro for graphic design and video editing. It was very hot and overheat (same heat when my ThinkPad's fans were broken and I was playing a heavy shooting game without any fans – but it could perform these simple tasks I'm doing on Macbook Pro and it's not even this hot) but the thing is I was only using Safari to browse some web pages and editing a photo in Photoshop for only about 10 minutes it nearly burnt my laps. I was thinking if just editing pictures on photoshop can make it this hot, how can I even make 2D animation thing with After Effects.. I normally use my Lenovo ThinkPad P50 on my laps and it was warm so I was kinda expecting Macbook to be able to do that without getting overheat when its like x2 more expensive Intel Core i9 ,8-core, 2.4GHz with Turbo Boost 5.0GHz with 32 gb of RAM. It's obviously better processor than the laptop i'm having. Thought of returning it until I found this "Macs Fan Control" app after spending a few days to do the research and installed it, I set the RPM for the fan at the highest. And wow, the overheat issue is gone. Just thought someone could benefit from this comment if you're facing the same problem.


    Hi.. can I know the app for checking temperature of pc by mobile. For Android

  4. Magnus Atom

    Between the overheating and the stuck butterfly keys issue I feel like I wasted $4500+ on a glorified space heater. Last time I invest this much money in an apple product

  5. कैसे कह दूँ कि मेरी…..
    हर दुआ बेअसर हो गई ।
    मैं जब जब भी रोया….
    मेरे guru जी को खबर हो गई ।।

  6. David Heiblum

    Google sheep's note to you Dave Lee: Well, I didn't hear that any Google Chromebook model laptop computers including the high-end ones like the Google Pixelbook will heat that fast to cause any serious degradation in general computer performance performed by the Intel i9 processor in the mentioned Macbook laptop computer. Good job bringing up this issue with this specific Apple Macbook model laptop computer. Google Chromebook laptop computers win this heat issue battle.

  7. M G

    Thank you for this. I was looking at getting the refurb i9 but I think I'll go with an i7.

  8. lordrockable

    good transparent review that focuses on the real issue with this model. well done. Unfortunately it seems to be the same problem in many laptops nowadays, and i guess the best thing to do is to not get an expensive laptop until they figure out a solution for the heating and throttling.

  9. Valdas V

    Interesting as this video only at 1,3 mill atm

  10. A.O. Miknell

    How did this vid go viral and still has <1.5 mil views

  11. Major SP

    The termal issue is it just with i9 or even with i7 model ?

  12. Tamara Peterson

    I was skeptical buying a MacBook, Ive always been a pc guy, but this thing is amazing JustU.Faith/Mac-Book I have only had it for about a week but its been working like a charm. The only problem I might have with it is the battery life when Im doing video projects. Other than that I think Im going to enjoy this.

  13. Dennis Maher

    Question please sir, Tell me why don’t YOU recognise most Apple products are maybe 18 months behind the rest of the industry? Out of ALL the Apple fan boys you are without doubt the most loyal
    I’ve see a lot of your outtakes before you upload a video and it’s my observation that it must take you days to edit the said videos in case you say something that maybe that in fact you hate all things Apple, But maybe I could be wrong,

  14. Wilson

    I spent £4000 (4900$) on this crap. Is there a refund/trade-in program offered by Apple? I can't do the most basic things without overheating.

  15. Design Ninja

    Thank you for this video. I wish I had seen it before purchasing my 2018 MBP i9 with 32GB RAM. It is literally my least favorite Mac I've ever owned in 15 years. It's hard to even express my disappointment. I've had mega trouble with the USB-C ports (some of them will no longer power my MBP), the eGPU thing was a constant battle of crashes, and the screen now has two, discolored areas in the center. The thermal throttle is no joke. My son's 2015 MBP i5 seems snappier and more responsive. Unfortunately I don't have Apple Care on this product…and this is the most I've ever spent on an Apple. I sold my pristine maxed out 17" 2011 MBP to afford this thing, and honestly, the 2011 had faster boot times (with an upgraded SSD) and just a snappier overall experience. Anyway, I'm officially complaining to Apple, but I'm not sure what they'll do.

  16. Benedict Roberts

    A Facebook-o-matic that only works to its fullest in hypothermia conditions.
    On top of that, it still can't run Unicycle out-of-the-box.

  17. vmgltj

    Hey wanted to ask an oportunity to buy a MacBook Pro 15 (2018) i9 came to me basically for the same price of the computer i was about to buy a zephyrus g14 (syzen9) what will you get as today simple Awser = the Macbook or the G14

  18. Tanya M

    I came here and found out that my 2019 i9 model's overheating is normal. After a decade long relationship, Apple and I might have to break up. I need to process this.

  19. Tusa Mamba

    Totally agree . Apple shouldn’t be putting out product that costs so much with such basic issues. Bought a MacBook Pro last week and already shocked by the user experience

  20. Trancera

    I think the 6 core i7s are perfect on these machines, they still get a little warm and probably throttle, but it's nowhere near as bad as the i9

  21. Is it still worthing in 2021 ?
    I found it for 1300$ refurbished and that's all what I need actually not looking for the power of m1 or upcoming m1x whatever, I just wanna big screen, good ram and dedicated graphics card.
    So should I go with it Dave ? Or anyone reading my comment answer me 🥺

  22. Tibor K

    Just want to say the heat problem can be solved easily by installing a fan controller app like Macs Fan Control. The problem with these machines is Apple's fan controller which doesn't run as it should, but once you install one of these your performance will improve and your machine will run cooler.

  23. Estimado público y navegantes de esta grandiosa web. Veo con preocupación lo que me ha sucedido…. MI procesador de mi Macbook Pro de 15” de Nov de 2017; se ha reventado el PROCESADOR, se explotó, se rompió, claro sin darle ningún golpe, sola allí quieta en un soporte de 6 ventiladores, porque el calentamiento es full, hasta le colocaba unas barras de hielo detrás de la base para que circulara más frio, tenaz como se calentaba…… Pero ahora esta pregunta respetada web, ¿y por qué se reventó el procesador? lleva de comprada 4 años 8 meses) y Apple solo me dice esta fuera de garantía y debo invertir de nuevo el 40% de lo que me costó…… ¿A alguien le ha sucedido lao mismo? Y ahora como reclamo. Y los ingenieros de Apple dicen daño FISICO debe costear el arreglo. ESTOY MUY ESTRESADO CON EL TEMA:::: Ayuda apreciada WEB entre más casos identifique puede que suene el tema y nos respondan a nivel mundial, desde Colombia.

  24. connor leisz

    Pretty funny comparing this to now…. You should do a video comparison once you get the 2021 macbook pro. RIP Intel.

  25. Aalin

    The M1 Pro & M1 Max sure did fix this utter monstrosity of a laptop

  26. Expressionz Prod

    I can’t believe there still hasn’t been a civil lawsuit on this. These macbooks should have never been sold to begin with. They knew and they didn’t tell.

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