MacBook Pro 2016 VS. Surface Book – How they compare

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See an in-depth review of the new Apple MacBook Pro with Touchbar and the Microsoft Surface Book with Emanuel and Vishal.

Get a rundown of the following:
– Build quality
– Size and portability
– Keyboard & touchpad
– Battery life
– Price
– Operating system (OS) including MacOS Sierra and Windows 10
– Retina Display
– Tablet mode with touch screen
– Performance
– Biometric security including Touch ID and Windows Hello
– Cameras

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Emanuel and Vishal are both Microsoft employees.


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  1. XxInoponxX

    If you had a better mic, and like a tiny bit of editing, like camera work and stuff, I can totally see this channel having a lot of subs,
    Keep it up

  2. jed23ify

    I want the surface book but i'm scared I'm making a bad financial decision since the new one is set to release in october with possible new hinge design and 1050 nvidia with kaby lake. So if i purchase one now I will probably wouldn't get anything close to what I am paying ($1700-1800) any thoughts?

  3. Robert Phillips

    Liked what you guys did, thanks. Got a MBP last week and had the same issue with click/drag/drop but found that I was using it wrong. Was trying to do it like on a Windows system. Instead of click with one finger and dragging with a second finger, just use one finger. This is where the large track pad comes in very handy. Click anywhere on the pad with one finger and then drag and drop with that same finger. Two fingers is right click, anywhere on the pad. It works great!

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