Machine Learning without the Hype

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What is artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning mean in general?
When is a rule-based approach the right solution and when do you need machine learning?
What does machine learning mean for time-series data?
What is the difference between supervised and unsupervised learning in this area?
What could an example with an actual dataset look like?

Talk by Philip Krenn at the Voxxed Days Vienna 2018 conference.

Thanks to Devoxx for giving us permission to post this talk. freeCodeCamp is not associated with this talk. We’re just excited to bring more exposure to to it!

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  1. 16000 48366

    I can't understand what he's saying. Sounds like he got a bee sting on the lips. Needs to articulate better.

  2. Cesare Borgia

    Don't know what the other guy's talking about. I understand him just fine.

  3. Daporan

    I've got some AI/Machine learning videos on my channel. Let me know if there's any you would like to see in detail.

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