macOS 14.4.1 Sonoma is Out! – What’s New?

macOS Sonoma 14.4.1 Released and macOS 14.4.1 Sonoma is out to all supported Macs and MacBooks. Mac OS 14.4.1 brings new bug fixes and security updates. In this video we show you everything new in macOS 14.4.1 using a M3 Max MacBook Pro. #macOS14 #apple #Mac #iOS17

Apple released iOS 17.4.1 Revision Update

macOS 14.4.1 Security Updates –

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00:00 – Everything New
00:00 – Supported Macs
00:17 – Size
00:47 – Apple also Released
01:00 – Bug Fixes and Updates
02:17 – Security updates
03:12 – Should You Install macOS 14.41 Sonoma?
03:54 – iOS 17.5 Beta 1 and macOS 14.5 Beta 1
04:31 – WWDC 2024 Announcement
04:58 – Performance
05:17 – Battery Health and Battery Life
05:47 – Conclusion

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  1. @MultiMojo

    Apple's software quality has been dropping in recent OS releases. There always seems to be a litany of bugs that they keep patching. It's almost Windows-like experience these days.

  2. I swear apple does the most DUMBEST 💩sometimes ….why do we have to go through all that just for an update smh

  3. @AbiyBattleSpell

    didnt fix my thunderbolt hub, literally got it a couple days ago and it worked till it stopped. updated and still not working 😾

  4. @agedwiseone9220

    The "Night Shift" custom schedule bug/breakage introduced with v.14.4 not fixed by 14.4.1 unfortunately. 😒

  5. @rajrouj

    Pre update, Numbers app would keep crashing at random moments. So far, the program runs great. However the macOS email app now is buggy.

  6. do you have any solution for this, i got this problem since update to 2 previous version before 14.4.1
    here is the problem
    – whenever i do tethering from my iphone i can't do browsing, using all the browser except safari. all the activities like streaming from spotify it still able. but when it comes to browsing using other browser it always fail. it said "DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_SECURE_CONFIG"

    is anyone has experienced it before?

  7. @j.j4090

    I was going to get an m3 MacBook Air (first Mac) but now every time they have updates it seams to screw things up. And now with the chip security flaw, is it ok to get an m3 Mac? Or should I just get something else and wait a few years for a Mac? I’m stuck with a 12 year old windows laptop that I use as a go between for my iPad 8 and a flash drive. The iPad is great, but there’s no grammar check on it, and it’s way easier to edit a manuscript on a computer, so I need a new one yesterday.

  8. @vivalingua9377

    That’s a big relief about Java. A program called Wordfast critical for my work as translator had stopped running and I had to install it on an older MacBook that wouldn’t go beyond Catalina. Now I will try installing it on this MBP.

  9. @fenderfun22

    Hi, Great video, thanks. Where did you get your background? I love it!

  10. @sweealamak628

    That's why I'm still on Ventura 13.1. My Mac works fine for my needs and there's no game changer that would entice me enough to risk upgrading my OS.

  11. @Anthony_141

    I thought I was going crazy but man those unresponsive clicks were annoying. Had new thinking that my trackpad was going bad

  12. Hi Aaron, do you recommend a PC for a DAW (Music Production) system with a lot of plugins? I’m experiencing very bad lagging and clicks on playback. I have a gaming computer were I installed more RAM but it still stinks. Also, have you ever heard of the company Digital Storm? I also was told to get one with a i9 12500 processor or higher.
    Thanks guy. Chris

  13. @stevep900

    Tethering a camera to Adobe Lightroom also stopped working on OS -X Sonoma.

  14. @kimiracingf1

    Sadly still an ongoing bug in the Preview app where pinch to zoom on JPEG’s is very choppy when screen is at 60hz or on MacBook Air 2

  15. @andy310781

    My MacBook Pro M3 Pro’s SD card reader failed after update

  16. @JohnXWayne

    2:20 oh my! I’ve been having that clicking issue! Just updated, so hope it’s fully fixed now!

  17. @bsewall

    Fixed my issues with devices charging, but not connecting via USB Hub and external monitor USB ports. Thought I was going crazy thinking all my cables went bad.

  18. @jaxonsmith3633

    I updated and still have an issue when creating a QR code for a website with a shortcut I was running.

  19. @9852323

    Still on high sierra because they don't support their computers very long

  20. @kinocchio

    Will they release new Mac Studio during wwdc?

  21. In the video he said MacOS 11 even though it was an older version of MacOS; also I think he was supposed to say that in WWDC24 Apple would be releasing MacOS 15.

  22. @Sonny_Black

    Man, making the curser work again is huge. It went on for so long that I forgot how nice it is to not have to click things multiple times..

  23. @MatixLA

    I updated and Im still having the mouse issue on an M2 Mac Studio. Sometimes clicking on things does nothing even if it highlights.

  24. @zehraasad2102

    I’ve bought my first macbook. Can someone tell me pls how can i screen record with internal audio?🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️

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