macOS Ventura on M2 MacBook Air — LONG TERM REVIEW

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I installed macOS Ventura on my MacBook and really regretted it! Why? What problems of this operating system did I find that shocked me a lot? Why don’t I advise you to install Ventura now? These and many other questions I will answer today! You will definitely be surprised when you learn everything about macOS Ventura! I did a long term review of this operating system, so nothing was left out of my sight! So be sure to watch this video from start to finish so you don’t make a big mistake when choosing an operating system for your MacBook!


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  1. Yeah, settings panel is horrible it's a one of the bigger mistakes in this os version!!! I don't recommend updates on this, cause a few settings (in my case not a few) is disappear, and it's horrible!!! How to rollback?))

  2. Jagradon

    You can care less about the weather app? That means you still care…at least a little!

  3. David Empire

    I really like System Settings. I find the SwiftUI makes it look so much more modern and love the search bar.

  4. Tim R.

    How funny that you're trying to make Stage Manager look as bad as possible but you clearly haven't even used it. That's why you also brought up that it takes up "too much space" because as soon as you make the apps bigger, it'll automatically disappear. It'll only be visible when you have enough space just like you showed…

    And I personally prefer the settings app MUCH more. I hated the previous version because it was just confusing and extremely stupid. Not it's much easier to find settings you were actually looking for.

  5. Tim R.

    Sorry but putting the iPhone on the hinge is definitely NOT going to end bad for the phone. The fact that you can stick the phone there and the screen is not moving at all (like being pushed back by the weight) kinda proves already that the force on the hinge is even smaller than when you just open the Laptop since that requires more force to move the display.
    And these hinges are also just not fragile by any means dude. The M1 MacBook Air had some problems with a flex cable in the hinge but not the hinge itself and besides that I just can't remember a single time that MacBooks or (modern) Laptops in general EVER had noticeable hinge problems.

  6. Marco Chavanne

    Im sticking to Monterrey so I can play all my old Steam games with Crossover. I don't feel like I am missing much yet.

  7. Please answer me this: it's worth buying a Macbook Pro 14" M1 Pro today instead waiting to the unvails of same line but with M2 Pro ?

  8. yenk82

    Very accurate analysis
    I'm sure Apple will refine the settings layout very soon

  9. Manuel Calleja

    this guy actually saying MacBook charger that comes with the laptop isn't safe and promoting another charger brand instead?? This really discredits you as a 'reviewer'

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