Marathon – Reveal Trailer | PlayStation Showcase 2023

Before Bungie made Halo, it made Marathon. Now the classic sci-fi shooter is back and looking better than ever. Discover more at …


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  1. Ark Delta

    Bungie finally moving from their dark years.

  2. CougarSK

    Y'all better bring back that OG Durandal theme!!

  3. Vodkarn

    I'm not sure how you do Marathon without a story.

  4. Flounder

    Очень информативно и понятно блядб, спасибо нахрен

  5. Missable Item

    trailer is just beyond words cool with the art design. can't wait to see more.

  6. UneeQ

    Marathon should be grungier and darker, WTF is this Fortnite looking thing?

  7. primecrowd17

    Never thought there would be a new Marthon game especially so soon lol

  8. Joshua Lott

    Give me some gameplay that looks similar and ill be hooked

  9. xShadow117

    First system shock and now marathon? This is awesome!

    Hope unreal tournament can get some love too!

  10. Alex

    The design looks fresh

  11. PB


    is a pvp extraction shooter

    Me: 🗿

  12. Vulture2k

    What it looked like If signals had budget.

  13. kilsya1

    Marathon coming back after all this time?

  14. ThatZaliaSGuy

    Oh man!!! It brings a tear to my eye see this series come back!!!


    Really sad to learn it's gonna be an extraction shooter. Tarkov popped off and now its all about the extraction shooter😒

  16. Tonk

    They are slowly killing destiny for this

  17. Ryo

    That didnt tell us a damn thing

  18. Jose Ramirez

    Bungie made Halo and Xbox, it’s dark times for Xbox. The ones who helped them are on the other side this time and, if they made the perfect shooter for Xbox, then who’s to say they won’t do it again, for PS this time

  19. ItsMrDiamondJ

    Hopefully Bungie can balance this better than Destiny 2 PvP.

  20. Spaced92

    This doesn't look like Marathon at all.

  21. Syphrus

    Excited to see how this game pans out

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