Maserati MC20 Faces Off Against Corvette Z07: Europe vs USA Track Battle in Stunning 4K

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America and Europe have a very special relationship we tend to cooperate when it comes to most things but when it comes to cars we love a good fight trouble is when it comes to supercars there really is no competition Europeans Do It Best don’t shoot me but it is true but America is fighting back with this the Corvette Chevy have stepped their game up considerably with a mid-engined Ferrari inspired V8 monster that doesn’t just try to compete on a Level Playing Field in many ways it puts its European Rivals to shame trouble is that’s easier said than done isn’t it especially when the European Elite consists of things like this the Maserati mc20 now this is the very definition of a super car the latest in a long line of Italian thoroughbreds and it’s got all the ingredients you want Power passion Poise logic says that if you’re looking for a mid-engined exotic well then they don’t come much better than this looks like we got ourselves a good oldfashioned InterContinental Showdown today’s objective is to see whether the Corvette arguably the only real Mass Market Supercar America has left can compete with one of the latest from the other side of the pond and before we start we should take a closer look at the similarities but also some of the key differences between these two protagonists the Maserati was unveiled in 2020 with the C8 Z6 arriving a year later in 2021 the mc20 was built in Modera Italy and has a price tag of $212,000 compared to the Kentucky built ZO6 is $160,000 a price that includes the track focused zo7 package both cars use an 8-speed dual clutch transmission sending power to the rear wheels although the power units in both these cars are very different [Music] the Maserati mc20 uses a slightly unconventional engine some might say that is a 3 l twint turbocharged V6 sitting right in the middle of the car missing a couple of cylinders but it’s not quite as unusual as the engine that you find in the Corvette it seems that Chevy’s Engineers might have cast their attentions towards Europe When developing this because this is the first ever Corvette to feature an engine that isn’t in the front it’s now smack bang in the middle and doesn’t it look amazing finally they built a proper super car but if we’re really talking about the thing that makes supercars super then you’ve got to have some silly doors and in the case of the mc20 a set of dihedral doors mounted to a high-tech carbon tub I don’t know which one of these is faster on a track but if races were decided on Style the mc20 will be lapping this thing I tell [Music] you not only is the mc20 gorgeous to look at it’s also got something else on its side it’s dripping with Heritage the company was founded in 1914 in Mona Italy and ever since then they’ve left a huge imprint on the world of Motorsport they dominated the famous thar Florio they had a couple of big successes in Formula 1 with Juan Manuel fangio winning the drivers championships in a Maserati and they’ve had multiple successes in Indie 500 it’s not just a pretty face cuz that Motorsport Heritage is baked right in the mc20 marks Maserati’s return to Motorsport relevance a return to form that competes not just with mid-engine rivals on the road but one that also engages in proper competition including the GT2 race series what’s really interesting is the engine that Maserati have returned with not a V8 but rather a V6 bit unexpected but you could argue that Maserati were a little bit ahead of the curve because we’re now seeing a whole bunch of other supercars including the 296 GTB and McLaren arura although those are hybrids both using v6s and to be fair Maserati’s V6 is a little bit more clever than the normal the Nuno engine uses F1 inspired pre-chamber combustion essentially using two sets of spark plugs to generate a more efficient burn in a shorter amount of time allowing for a higher compression ratio of 11:1 and a higher engine power density than from any of its main Rivals no other production V6 makes this much power forget the nerd stuff what you want to know is is it quick and the answer absolutely not to 60 2.9 seconds flat out 2 202 mph it’s a rapid rapid car the only slight downside is the sound I like the whistling from the turbos but let’s face it this is not the best sounding car in the [Music] world the Corvette meanwhile sounds excellent it has 670 h power or 679 PS and this one is fitted with a track focused zo7 package which means it has a host of extra features that reduce weight add downforce and enhance grip it’s 60 kg or so heavier than the Maserati with the standard co6 managing the same 0 to 60 time but with the z0 7’s use of extra sticky cup 2R tires this car does the N to 60 Sprint in just 2.6 yep there’s no two ways about it this is a rapid car it’s got so much power so much power but you know what even though it has a couple of extra cylinders this thing actually delivers a similar power to weight ratio as the mc20 434 horsepower per ton versus 420 per ton but this soundtrack is a lot more impressive it’s a real screamer Peak power comes in at 8,400 RPM a full 1,100 more than an mc20 and just listen to that it’s just crazy fast what do the Americans say ain’t no replacement for displacement well you can add noise to that list as well shout out to this gear box as well super quick up and down the Box in fact Chevy say the best way to get lap time is to leave it in automatic and let it do its thing which is fair enough because it just seems to be in the right gear at the right time always You could argue the Corvette’s engine isn’t particularly American being of the flat plane crank variety normally favored by Europeans you could also argue that Corvette might have got their inspiration for the engine directly from Ferrari but the Maserati borrows some Ferrari flavor too sharing many similarities with the Ferrari derived V6 found in the alpha Julia GTA whichever way you look at it though the motor delivers this engine is just addictive oh yeah Maserati 1 Corvette [Music] one we touched on design earlier with the mc20 doors making a huge first impression but it’s only fair we take a closer look at both these cars to ask ourselves which is prettiest there isn’t a clear winner but the Maserati is certainly gorgeous it’s a car of two halves with the upper section finished in body color being the more emotive side and one designed entirely by hand the lower section here finished in carbon fiber designed by computer is said to encapsulate the engineering lead side of the car but there’s plenty of flare the provocative pouting front end the Deep sculpted s skirts the high mounted air intakes and the Sea of references to the Maserati Trident badge including the floating design on the front Trident on the wheels and even a trident on the lightweight lexan engine cover the Corvette meanwhile looks like it was dreamed up in the mind of an OV excited child in a good way I love the way this thing looks if you’re not familiar with Corvettes there are basically three versions there’s the standard Stingray there’s the upgraded ZO6 and then there’s the top dog ZO6 with zo7 package which we have here today and this is the car that has a bunch of upgrades to make it much faster around a racetrack including all types of Arrow big old front splitter big dive planes up front and it’s actually wider than before as well by 30 mm at the front and 40 mm at the rear to accommodate much bigger wheels and tires 27530 ZR 20s up front and 34525 ZR 21s at the back and also these wheels are carbon saving 18 kg of unsprung Mass from the car by the way this is a convertible an a coupe one the roof comes off if you want it to it’s also got this unique air intake at the side and then things go really crazy around the back including a big old rear diffuser quad exhaust pipes and a huge weapon-like rear wing that in total helped this car generate a massive 332 kg of downforce at 186 mph fast which is prettier that depends on what you like me I like the back of the Corvette and the front of the Maserati so on the basis of design being completely subjective it’s probably a draw the mc20 clearly isn’t as racy as the Corvette but it’s a lovely car even on the racetrack the thing that I really like about it first of all are the ergonomics these seats are really really lovely you sit nice and low in the Chassy there’s excellent support keeping you in place in the corners and this steering wheel while a little bit Lar actually feels brilliant in the hands this steering is lightning quick tiny tiny actions from the wheel resul in huge movements from the chassis it does take a little while to get used to and you got to have your wits about you and concentrate on the task at hand because if you’re not focused then it can quite quickly catch you out this carbon fiber chassis is wonderful as well super super rigid very very composed even over the curves or on any bumps it remains remarkably composed just feels like it’s extremely happy with whatever you can throw with it it’s really well sorted the only downside if I was going to point something out of the brakes you push them and at first it feels like nothing’s happening so then you push harder yep and suddenly they wake up they are super strong though carbon Ceramics which means that they’re resistant to fade and overheating but that little bit of reluctance to actually bring the car to a halt from that initial push it concentrates the mind let’s put it that way it’s clearly not going to be as quick as the z7 and a lot of that is going to be down to the tires and of course the lack of downforce but you just know if you were to slap a couple of Bridgestone prend races onto this thing it would be absolutely immense on the track this is so much fun the word fun probably wasn’t on the agenda when Chevy designed the Z6 with z7 package their intention for this particular track oriented car was lap time and as a result it feels like a far more focused serious and unforgiving animal the overriding impression you get when you drive this Corvette is that it feels very angry the engine is angry the gear what is angry it Corners like it’s angry but there’s something that I’m a little bit angry as well personally and that is the ergonomics I don’t think it’s the most comfortable car in the world these seats almost feel a little bit over supportive it’s kind of pinching me in the wrong places and also I’m set up relatively high in the car which means I don’t feel like I’m connected to the chassis in quite the same way as I do in the mc20 I’m also not a great fan of this steering wheel but it’s not a wheel is it it’s like a squirkle it’s all angles I suppose you get used to it after a while but it isn’t quite as good as it would be if it was an actual wheel and also these paddles move with the wheel which means that when you’re mid Corner trying to upshift sometimes you’re grabbing in the middle of your crotch trying to change up not ideal I tell you what I love about this car though the throttle response you can notot be a naturally aspirated V8 for responsiveness on the throttle you can balance the car on that go pedal so easily and then the instant you accelerate it spins up you watch the revs climb the numbers go Skyward it’s exhilarating to say the least the mc20 can feel a little bit lazy with its turbocharged engine but this thing just feels alive and fizzy and WI to do exactly what you want the other really impressive thing about this car is the amount of traction you get out of the bz previous Corvettes which were front engined could feel a little bit tail happy but in this you balance it on the throttle and then power out of the corner and it just feels planted you get loads of Drive oh and it’s rock solid a lot of that comes from the fact that it’s mid-engine but also these tires are outrageous these cup two RS just have a phenomenal amount of traction leaving the corners and also in the middle of a Bend they just hold on so well they’re sticky like chewing gum in hair the brakes absolutely phenomenal day and night compared to the mc2 really good bite responsiveness consistency from that pedal you can have a lot of faith in that brake pedal it really really stops the car a it’s just so fast it’s actually scary how fast this car is what’s scary is it can carry so much speed in the bz the major limitation isn’t the vehicle it’s the driver but here’s the thing despite it being very F it’s also somewhat approachable you can actually play with the car some fun with it the front end grip is just Mighty and then the traction out the corners is ridiculous it feels a lot more like a race car than a road car don’t get me wrong you can drive this on the road but it’s so dialed in it’s just a different [Music] animal wow let’s see what it does on this title one throw it in on the [Music] throttle okay okay like I said the uh major limitation is not the vehicle it’s it’s the driver it’s an animal the corette is hands down the more track capable of these two cars if it was an allout race America’s superar would win in fact the z7 would likely frighten any European rival vaguely in the same category but while the Maserati can’t go around corners quite as quickly it is a more accessible approachable and I think enjoyable car to drive it’s more comfortable more willing to play more willing to entertain and is less concerned with the stopwatch in closing then I’d pick the vet for sheer speed but the mc20 simply for everyday driving and sheer fun America for a lap record and Europe for letting loose and feeling good

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