MateBook X Pro + Galaxy S9 – First Impressions!

The Samsung Galaxy S9 Review and Matebook X Pro review are coming but here are my early thoughts on these devices and the Vivo Apex from MWC!

Vivo Apex Coverage Clips from:
Engadget –
The Verge –
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  1. Dave2D

    Matebook X Pro looks so legit. I hope it's not too expensive. Thanks for watching!

  2. Ali Kazi

    Huawei is a great company. Don’t appreciate the hate towards it.

  3. Jim Moriarty

    Surface Laptop (Intel Core M) or Huawei Matebook D? Thx!

  4. Fi S

    brain wash at its best. I am not okay since it is a "Chinese" company? wow…

  5. Fi S

    last time i checked, the entity that stole most of privacy data is NSA in the US of A… Not China.

  6. Huey Do

    "Matebook" & "Macbook". Coincidence? I don't think so. Those damn copycat Chinese can't even think a name for themselves. This is why America should level their game up and have a close policy to the chinese just like the policy chinese have with America.

  7. mohsin kazmi

    again you are best ,most viwer of this video ,thats why old day saying ,,,,simplicity is the beauty.

  8. Qian He

    Dave, would you please do a more detailed review on matebook X Pro?

  9. Yixuan Ouyang

    you guys only sceptical of Chinese gov inspecting Huawei laptop users while not speak of PRISM? I feel both of these are gov behaviours and are not relevant to companies. pls dont just distribute the rumour.


    HEY DAVE. Coming soon for a MateBook X Pro review….. 8 months is not soon

  11. Aight

    In the US does it come with an original licensed windows 10 ?

  12. Tim S

    Any plans for a Matebook X Pro review now that it's out?

  13. YKR

    Did you say matebook is the most beautiful laptop you’ve seen? You haven’t seen MacBook from which it is copied ?

  14. Lisa K

    Could you please make a review about: razer blade stealth 13 vs huawei matebook x Pro? I can't really decide between those two… Thanks so much!!

  15. Yifan Zhang

    I'm Chinese, and I totally understand those people who are worried about security with using Huawei. To be honest, I don't believe in Huawei at all. I always do my best to avoid using Huawei devices. In China, using Huawei is characterized as being patriotic, that is really crazy… Don't buy Huawei devices unless you really know about it

  16. H J

    Hi Dave,is that a XiaoMi TV behind you?

  17. Kakkalord

    someone please send link to dave's desktop wallpaper!!!!!

  18. I am looking for light weight laptop with good battery life around the price point of 1000$. Which one do you recommend?

  19. Chuyi

    Matebook X Pro is available now at Microsoft store. Would u plz give a review on that?

  20. Hamza imran

    Cool review.
    Word of advice mind putting wallpaper urls in your description. You've got some really cool wallpapers.

  21. Aravi

    it does not measure blood pressure, it measures pulse rates. those are different. blood pressure can not be measured using just a sensor.

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