Meta Quest Pro Unboxing – Facebook's $1500 Mixed Reality Headset!

Unboxing the Meta Quest Pro, a new mixed reality headset with some big improvements over the Quest 2. Meta (aka) Facebook …


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  1. @0:39 "…with a proprietary charging cable for the controllers"

    That's a great warning sign if you ask me.

  2. antiisocial

    I've owned the original Quest and I still own the Quest 2. I want the Pro, but for that price I need to see a few people I trust do a gaming focused review.

  3. Sean Taylor

    Damn my girl was ginna get me a meta 2 now im watchin this like damn want that mew ine 1500 too imsane tho

  4. I mean to me it sees like a better value then the value index seeing as it does not need base stations( made up for by a ton of cameras) or a PC… So Personally while I like the index more this when the value argument and its more worth it compared to the index which is still worth it due to the tech invauvled.

  5. Horizon

    Neat product. From a company I don’t want to support. My good experience with the first Oculus Quest (in the glory days) aside.

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