Miasma Chronicles Review – The Final Verdict

Miasma Chronicles is a great extension of what made Mutant Year Zero fun. It combines turn-based tactical gameplay with a fun story set in an immensely-interesting and fleshed-out world.

While its gameplay isn’t going to seem too deep for anyone that’s spent some time with modern real time strategy games, it still manages to offer a decent amount of challenge and tactical options, especially once you start unlocking magical abilities that help you manipulate the battlefield. Despite its sometimes-awkward writing, Miasma Chronicles is certainly a game worth your time.


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  1. Adam B

    I opted in getting Redemption Reapers for my PS5 today over this; granted they’re both turn-based RPGs, but great review. 😊

  2. Sha ne

    not only the brother's names but also their roles feel similar to Full metal Alchemist (Edward & Al Elric)

  3. GameBent

    At least twice you directly compare this to "real-time strategy games" when in fact, it's a turn-based strategy game

  4. Setorrs

    Either you bought your subscribers or you bought the whole channel from someone. You have 1 mil subs and barely get 10k views.

  5. Dan Bartlett

    Looks good, but seems expensive compared to their previous games.

  6. bournechupacabra

    I'm confused… this is definitely a turn based strategy game, not real time.

  7. Nibelung Valesti

    RPG elements look really shallow, which is a trend these days, as it's just deep enough for the mainstream. No more planescape torment level of depth, I suppose.

  8. Vyse Solo

    Why would i spend $60 on a 13gb game not x/s. It says it is but the description says squat.
    Game should be 20 bucks. These devs need a beating when over pricing regular games for next gen.

  9. Yes, I missed your voice, but your silly denial of simply moderating my stories on this oh so real Internet with not even 500 people ever DOES mean it loses value, where I decide. 🤕

  10. Erik Svensson

    25% discount if bought on epic (coupon) compared to steams full price (worth knowing if you plan to buy it)

  11. Eric Hammer

    Good God, first you call Diggs “Briggs”( not THAT big of a deal ) and then you call the game a “real time strategy” game….are you just trying to make IGN look good?

  12. Jim Mathin

    beware on xbox delayed gunfire audio might turn you off wait till its fixed before buying

  13. Joostin

    Npc Dialogue bright to you by chatgpt

  14. Darth Slackus

    Thank you for not gender forcing us guys. Hate it when developers ignore their much larger player base–that are still males–and shove female character leads down our throats just for the heck.

  15. Elliot Lajter

    Lol why should somebody trust your game review when you can't even properly review your own video? 😂

  16. James Taylor

    Last time I played RTS game it was Full spectrum warrior on Xbox and I love that game just trying to find something like that game in 2023 so I will give this a try!! If anyone in the chat can make some good recommendations I will greatly appreciate it. I’m running 4090 with 13 gen I9 with 32BG ddr5 ram

  17. hcapz

    is there a way to change that HORRIBLE haircut??!

  18. Sonic

    are there only the 2 playable characters?

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