Microsoft Build 2023: Everything Revealed in 7 Minutes

At Microsoft Build 2023, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella announces new AI features for its Windows 11 operating system, along with a slew of other AI features.

Read the CNET article for more information:
Microsoft Builds Its Copilot AI Assistant Straight Into Windows 11

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This Post Has 26 Comments

  1. Hugh Mungus

    How is Nutella the ceo of Microsoft ????? ‘We bringing’….. cant speak coherently……

  2. Hugo Kevin Gama

    ChatGPT will make people more dumb asf, trust me it is time for the human beings think less and let the machine make other discoveries. People needs to start asking questions that make real sense. how can i prevent cancer, is coca cola and other drinks good for my healthy ? how to live longer, protect myself from bad spirit those question i will see how they answer

  3. SuperKillaki

    They didn’t squeeze as much juice out of the presentation as they could have. Imagine Jobs doing this

  4. hector vazquez

    “Yeah, you can clap” when no body cares about Microsoft products 🤣

  5. I don't know how Bing Chat compares to Bard but I'm 100% all in Bing Chat because Google decided to give European users the finger (not available in any EU state)

  6. Mike Knowlton

    They need an Applause sign for the audience so things don't get awkward like that

  7. Ernest Pawlowski

    Chat gpt is great but Microsoft's UI and integration of the system just looks nowhere near as good as Googles UI.

  8. Saurabh Kashyap

    So basically Bing Chat is now a free version of browsing ChatGPT?

  9. joshua hernandez

    Edge is a piece of garbage browser just like Bing. Everyone despise edge because is to bloated and crappy. Their bunch of liars and also forcing everyone to use it against user’s will. Don’t trust crappy edge or even use it. Did you think that everyone want to edge after this, absolutely nothing. Not even in a thousand years. No wonder crappy edge and Bing market share are decreasing due to MS dirty deeds. Everyone should move to google chrome. Crappy edge and Bing are not going to survive in the next few decades.

  10. ΛKΛSH

    Bing is bingy and I don't use it.

  11. Dannnnnn

    If using AI to search for something, how about WHO CREATES THE ARTICLE? Do they get NUMBER OF VISITORS? This can make him disappointed.

  12. AI Adventures

    Looks like today Microsoft just killed Google search! Copilot is everywhere and even in Windows.

  13. Ms. Gordon

    The “ you can clap” was incredibly cringe 😬

  14. Kaleb Masco

    I don’t understand the difference between using chatgpt and bing.

  15. Jay Bugatti

    This is truly incredible. Now they need to ask it to make a smartphone that I can actually buy.

  16. Mac Guffin

    Pls god somebody stop ppl copying txt2speach errors, it's not 'qu-where-rays' it's 'queer-reeze'

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