Microsoft Build event in 5 minutes

Microsoft announced some major news at its annual Build keynote. This year’s Build heavily focused on AI, with new additions of the CoPilot experience to Windows 11 and Edge, as well as new Bing AI and Copilot plugins for OpenAI’s ChatGPT. Plus, Bing is now the default search for ChatGPT. Here’s everything you missed. #Microsoft #Tech #News

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0:00 Intro
0:05 Bing and Chat GPT Updates
0:38 Plugins in Bing and Chat GPT
2:00 Windows Copilot
3:10 Microsoft Fabric

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This Post Has 29 Comments

  1. H K

    This is what we wanted cortana to be. Finally things are happening at Microsoft

  2. Jeff SansNom

    Hi copilot, please fix my internet.

    Copilot : please connect to internet first.

  3. Matt

    Yay I can't wait to get all my Data Tracked and get arrested for not aligning with the Views of the Government and the corporations. Cuz AI is a new specialized way to Track the population and Microsoft will take advantage of that.

  4. Wellington Alves

    Is it just me or Satya Nadella sounds a little bit like John Malkovich? 🤔

  5. 3:39 eat 1:15 pm where I am ! This is unbelievable and I could only WISH TO BE THE contracting party to this type of organization. I wonder how that process works..

  6. micael area

    Very amazing update . One thing I hate about this presentation is the dress code. One guy did it so must others .Ay!

  7. fontik

    Although LLM Bootcamp convention events are much more interesting and useful to watch.
    Here I see only shell to consume users time and thoughts 💭 and they will be able soon to read brains with LLM decoders.

  8. fontik

    Where's ad banners? It's a direct threat to Google and all advertising industry.

  9. Fredrik Nystrand

    Can't wait for Windows Copilot to never be translated to my natvie language, just like Cortana 🤣

  10. Vivien Rajz

    Based on this: my impression level is 0. Advancing in cloud and AI, but the Windows is straight downhill.

  11. Shashank Mishra

    Microsoft is getting better with Windows 11 by uploading AI into it

  12. Navneet Kumar

    It's now very hard to keep track of all the ai products of microsoft in different programs. I think they should simplify it more.

  13. Felipe A.

    That’s so boring, they didn’t need a stage presentation for this

  14. Oarabile Tone

    Microsoft is slowly becoming the OLD Google when it was fresh and trending. And people are on board with them no matter what.

  15. kakawachi

    They came first and made it viral, then came second again to the search game…

  16. Roman Pavliuk

    Love the way the Microsoft is going last years. Nice job Satya!

  17. Mario E. Fuentes

    So who’s using bing? And what makes it better than other browsers??

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