Microsoft Reverses Course on Windows ‘Recall’ Feature Following Privacy Concerns

what you guys got a quick news video here for you Microsoft backtracks on Windows recall feature after privacy uproar in Microsoft’s blog post on Friday the Microsoft’s vice president admitted the company heard a clear signal that they can make it easier for people to choose to enable recall on their co-pilot plus PC and improve privacy and security and safeguards there was Major uproar uh when recall was announced by Microsoft so people took to the internet and started to protest about the new recall feature that Microsoft are going to introduce people were just not happy with the privacy concerns with recall and the way it was taking snapshots every 3 seconds of all your personal information on your computer that means every action that you do on your computer will be recorded and snapshotted every fre seconds and this was a major uh concern for a lot of people and they was not happy mic moft claimed it was a completely private photographic memory so basically copying every activity that you do on your computer which was not good and people were not happy about this new feature security researchers have repeatedly criticized these statements from Microsoft and reiterated that considering the widespread availability of info Steeler malware which is widely available to uh cyber criminals now cyber criminals would only only need to get malware onto a person’s device to get the login details and information and decrypt those screenshots according to cyber security expert Kevin Bowmont who previously worked for Microsoft he even found a way to automate the process of infiltrating uh the screenshots this will give hackers full access to all of your personal information and activity on that computer now Douglas McGee is an executive director of fret research at sonic wall McGee said that this means that if anything confidential such as banking information passwords Trade Secrets or medical records is put on the screen an attacker could see it and is advised that the risk to small businesses or using this feature is too great and advises people not to use recall because of the high risks that recall has and if people gain access so Microsoft have been listening and they are now o people uh to opt in it’s not an opt out it’s basically going to be off by default and you would have to opt in to actually use uh recall on your system which is a major change from Microsoft’s early U information that they were giving about recall but you can see they’ve made major changes to the default page here and you can see it will be off by default and you can choose to enable that feature if you want it and it shows you a screenshot there of what it will look like basically and the second part is Windows hello enrollment is required to enable recall in addition proof of presence is also required to view your timeline and search in recall as well as another security measure the third part is where they’re adding additional layers of data protection including just in time decryption protection uh by Windows hello enhancement signing so recall snapshots will only be decrypted and accessible uh when the user authenticates in addition they’ve also encrypted the search index database as well as you can see here so what is amazing to me is they were willing to release recall to the general public without all of these measures in place in the first place it’s only been changed since security analysts have actually said that this is a major risk and you need to add in some more security so they’ve now updated a lot of this information and made it more ult to gain access to uh recall screenshots so it goes without saying that you can imagine the danger of recall if for instance police forces or government or hospitals doctor surgeries were using a uh co-pilot plus compatible PC and it was copying all of that information it could be personal information or sensitive information that is being copied and uh that is a major security risk in my opinion and so it’s not just home users you’re basically looking into someone’s private life or their diary and you would never allow someone access to a personal diary cuz that’s all your personal thoughts and uh feelings so I would definitely not use recall on a computer at all I mean Microsoft go on about protecting your privacy with co-pilot plus PCS and they haven’t protected our privacy previously by ano all of this Telemetry on Windows 11 in the first place by harvesting all of your personal information on a Windows 11 PC what recall is doing is like a Juiced up version of that which is basically copying just about everything you do on a computer by taking snapshots every 3 seconds and that’s a major privacy concern for a lot of people a lot of people don’t want to have snapshots of their system taken every 3 seconds now Microsoft go on about uh protecting your privacy on co-pilot plus PCS and they’ve updated all the information about that which says basically uh screenshots are stored locally it also goes on to about uh AI processing appens exclusively on your device and your snapshots are kept safely on your local devices only and it also says that snapshots are not shared recall does not send your snapshots to Microsoft snapshots are not shared with any other companies or applications recall doesn’t share snapshots with other users who are signed into uh the same device you can also see here you will know when recall is saving snapshots you will see a recall pinned to the taskbar and also digital rights managed or impr private browsing snapshots are not saved recall does not save snapshots of digital rights managed content or in private browser uh content as well so you can pause or filter or delete what’s saved at any time and it says also Enterprise and cust customer choice for customers using managed work devices your it administrator is provided the control to disable the ability to save snapshots however your it administrator cannot enable saving snapshots on your behalf uh your choice to enable saving snapshots is solely yours so basically they have made some major changes and been a bit more clearer of what co-pilot plus is and what it’s going to be doing it’s not convincing me whatsoever about my privacy I just don’t want to have recall at all on my system and it definitely will not be enabled on any sort of co-pilot plus compatible device and I’m pretty sure that goes for anyone who uses a computer they just don’t want recall whatsoever on their system because there’s been major privacy concerns in the past with Windows 11 with Telemetry harvesting and things like that and I think this is just one step too far and people just don’t don’t want any part of it and if you’re one of those people then let me know in the comment section below whether recall is something that interests you and something that you would use or whether it’s something that is a major privacy concern and you are just not happy with Windows recall feature whatsoever and it should be scrapped all together also I think they need to be a bit more clearer on whether it’s going to be on every new laptop or computer or whether it’s just going to be a certain few that have co-pilot Plus on that particular laptop or PC when you purchase it anyway with that said I think that’s going to be about it my name is B Brian from britech computers. just want to say a quick shout out to all my YouTube members who join my YouTube members group I appreciate the support I’ll catch you in the next video or I’ll see you on the Discord server for chat bye for now [Music]

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  1. This is not a back track, this is at best a delay. Microsoft will(!) shove recall down our throats soner or later. The business opportunities that can be achieved, even wirh something assimple as "statistic analysis" of recall data, are simply to good to miss out.
    Let alone the potential for all the various "secret services" around the globe.
    It takes an evil mind to invent something like recall and I so not trust evil minds.

  2. The last true OS from Microsoft IMO was Windows 7, every OS after that is full of bloatware, spyware, and useless apps with less functionality that their predecessors. I don't care for all these gimmicks, I just want an OS that is usable and secure but basic and simplistic.

  3. @benyomovod6904

    It shall be removed completly, and exist as add on, i have to install extra and complete removeable

  4. @mink99a

    So if it was for a hacker to create a fraudulent login to read the recall data, now it is to create a fraudulent login, enable recall, and later use the same fraudulent login to read the recall data. This is much more secure ….

  5. @Leah-ju8ht

    What Microsoft says on this and does; me thinks not

  6. @blackburneflw

    All I want from Microsoft is a reliable, safe OS that’s all.

  7. @timhammell394

    No bright thinker in this futuristic thinking company thought to mention it was a bad idea, and probably illegal?

  8. Dude fk my feelings about it, the very possibility of a hacker stealing my bank account passwords etc is more than enough to say no

  9. Why did,t they just remove it, instead of having to opt in. As long as it is there, it will be used by Microsoft or someone else, sooner or later. I guess we all know the answer why it is still left in.

  10. @tamaral3203

    Not good enough by half!! I'm already loooking into Linux. To hell with Microsoft. Any company who would even THINK of doing this clearly has no interest in ethics, and they've sent a clear message that they don't give a damn about their customers, their customer's privacy, or customer empowerment. Kiss off, Microsoft.

  11. @mccoomer

    There doesn't need to be a total recall, but I hope consumers will install Norton Internet Security Premium to give themselves best-in-class protection.

  12. @gcmanuel85x

    Give me LITE OS with ZERO features.

    I would think AMD could start doing whole new fresh OS, that is purely for gaming performance only.

    Simple chips, ZERO tricks, that would skyrocket their sales.

    I bet you many game devs would join that platform like on the spot.

    Maybe Vulkan based code ?

    But many dev teams would have their stories and assets just waiting for a refreshed code.

  13. @Artsificial

    So, in my own little survey, I found that the vast majority of people had no idea what using the Cloud, logging into a Windows computer using a Microsoft login or running Microsoft Office without checking the settings actually does to their privacy. It's really, really bad.

  14. @tech.curiosity

    Well, that's a good news that will make me go back to windows 11.
    Thanks for the info.

  15. @Arkryal

    This is not enough to secure it. How many people have your private information already? What guarantee can they offer you and I that our doctors, attorneys, accountants, insurance companies etc do not have this feature enabled on their devices?

    Our information doesn't live exclusively on devices we control. By creating a massive repository for that information that is all handled exactly the same way, we're still at risk.

  16. @lordsmeagol3390

    FINALLY, Microsoft listening to the people!
    Now we need them to LISTEN MORE … and REMOVE the BLOAT!!!
    Their purpose of the operating system is to be LEAN and UNOBTRUSIVE, allow the USER'S PROGRAMS to OPERATE EFFICIENTLY!

  17. @lillymay3632

    Why do I feel Microsoft still have a big foot in the door; just keeping the door open hoping you'd forget it is there?

  18. @rps215

    I got a Microsoft ad when playing this video

  19. @tonywise198

    …and they have withdrawn 24H2 from the Release Preview Channel….Says a lot.

  20. @gcraig0001

    This should not be a part of the operating system at all. Let Microsoft offer it as a stand alone extra that people can install if they want it, but if it's built in to the OS you may rest assured they will find underhanded ways to activate it whether you want it or not. Current Microsoft management is no better than the various social media sites, where the customers are actually the product. If anyone had any doubts about trusting Microsoft, it should have become perfectly clear when they started pushing ads at you in the OS and forcing updates on you that you did not want.

  21. @jabezhane

    This is what happens when you get rid of or lose your experienced staff when they hit 40! They would have been in the meetings going "Er we've got 200 reasons not to do this!"

  22. @grimvisionz91

    I'm finally making the jump to linux very shortly. Recall was the final straw.

  23. @mikehefford6499

    I don't trust them now. I have been annoyed about the way Microsoft 365 copies the clipboard on android devices when opening up a document or spreadsheet. I shall move away from all of Microsoft very soon.

  24. @Kylian381

    so let malware enable it silently snoop up screenshots for a month?
    It can probably enable with a regedit tweaks. Malware can easily do this and regarding a enterprise you can just run powershell scripts on client devices. so what they say about not being able to enable it on behalf of a user is BS

  25. @Nick41622

    Another YouTube channel called me paranoid for saying that Recall would have been a security concern. He said that he would turn it on. Unbelievable.

  26. @farouqstray1411

    I think Ms got too excited with its recent successes, that it will blow everything up!! FOR WINDOWS

  27. Never trust a wolf in sheep's clothing. Never trust Microsoft or what they have to say, stay safe stay vigilant and informed, stay safe

  28. @darthbubba866

    I want an app or util that completely removes the Recall app and drivers from my computer, that is written by a third party, not Microsoft.

  29. @KirsiVackelin

    My friend Jorma says that every pixel turned on or off on his computer screen is his private information. If it was not, then he demands that it shall be possible to transmit the said bit without any cost to him across the Internet. Namely, he says, telecom operators charge you for your every transmitted bit. By the way, is it possible to defeat this "Recall" by using virtualisation or firewalls?

  30. @dalecorne3869

    I love using A.I. and I've always loved trying the newest features of Windows, but I would NEVER use recall. That has to be the most ridiculous thing Microsoft has ever done…and that includes Windows 8

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