Microsoft Surface 3 Review – Worth the money?

Is the new Surface tablet worth the money? How does it compare to the Surface Pro 3?
My review of the Surface 3. Enjoy!
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  1. Joseph D

    I paid $350 for the 2gb version with the keyboard last winter, at that price it's amazing (and still is). For $600 no way. Still, I have gotten a ton of use out of it! I can do some lightroom/photoshop work on it if needed and the battery lasts a long while. I love how light it is, you can't even feel it when carrying it around.

  2. alchemistTi

    I love mine, but I wouldn't pay $630 for it. I paid just under $400 for the 4GB/128GB model with keyboard and pen. At that price, this thing is amazing. BTW, I even use it for CAD work. That quad core Atom x7 is surprisingly good, even at only 2W of power! It's too bad there isn't a S4 in the works, that's my biggest disappointment.

  3. Maxi Taha

    I had very bad experience with Microsoft surface pro 3 , exactly 26 days after warranty expiration, the laptop wouldn't work ,I called customer service many times, I done everything they said over the phone , nothing change and didn't work and they suggest me to pay them £450 to send me new one .
    The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is really TRASH and I advise to all peapole to not waste your money to buy Microsoft surface pro ,
    I won't go for any Microsoft product again, and I'm very happy with my new Mac .
    Thanks for your video.

  4. mujjuman

    excellent review man i love this so much. thanks for being so detailed about this review. i am now convinced thanks to you to skip on the surface 3. i am trying to replace my surface pro 2 for note taking but the SP4 is way too expensive for me right now

  5. Josua M N

    "The screen is small, the keyboard is small…" Dude a f*** laptop!!

  6. Jai

    found one on ebay including pen and keybourd all in great condition for $350 aud

  7. Nassim SADAOUI

    this is the worst device i used in my whole life, windows is just updating everyweek by itself the batterie is very bad it is very slow…..dont buy that

  8. Aaron l

    I bought this without charger and a crack on the upper left screen. $175 was what I spent. Sounds reasonable or no?

  9. Andrés

    Can you make a comparison between this and the surface Go?

  10. Wee Su ying

    will i be able to use any type covers for the surface 3?

  11. Flynn Y

    Hey, may you please review the Acer switch 3? There's no good review on YouTube!!!

  12. Anthony H

    On Amazon right now it’s 300 dollars, and it comes with the type cover.

  13. Jason HP

    Hello from 2019. Why I’m watching this, although it’s pretty good review as usual.

  14. kiyip

    Wow, weird seeing a video on this channel with so few views

  15. Diet Lobby

    I have this computer for over a year now and i am obssessed. JustU.Faith/SurfaceTab I am one of those peps who want to save the environment and i get refurbished/renewed/used items.I absolutly love this surface.

  16. Tortinwall

    I disagree. I have the 128GB version. It’s a great notebook and a great tablet. Yes it has its limitations but at the price it’s an excellent device.

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