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Microsoft Surface Go – $400?!

Before my review of the Microsoft Surface Go, here are some early thoughts on the new $400 Surface.
Cheap Surface Pro 4 –

The base model at $400 is running a 4415Y Intel processor. with the integrated HD615 Graphics. But the 64 GB eMMC storage is slow, the 128GB upgraded model will give you a snappier feel to the device.

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  1. Dave2D

    I think the Surface Go looks pretty good for the money. Anyone thinking of picking one up as their primary device??

  2. Mark

    What about the 400$ one with a good sd card? Also i think i could make the 400$ one work considering that i rely heavily on cloud storage, and 40gb(after the os kicks in) is enough. But double the ram.. idk

  3. giaccomusic

    No removable ssd which is annoying. If I brake the device I would like to be able to disassemble it and still get my data in few minutes. I don't like this trend at all started by Apple. Though this is a secondary device which is not too bad.

  4. Seoul Ting

    Hi Dave,
    I can't find any other information about this on the internet.
    Microsoft have another version of the Surface Go called Surface Go for Business.
    It is $50 more than the regular Surface Go.
    From what I can tell, the only difference is the 'Business' model comes with Windows 10 Pro instead of Windows 10 in S mode.
    If you have any more information, could you reply or make a follow up video, please.

  5. jaja chen

    I just get surface go, but it is overheating. Is that normal ?

  6. Luide Mulumba

    I can certainly see this being useful in the field for running drone missions and light document work and multimedia. Still, I'll wait for the price to come down first.

  7. Zodayn

    As my 4 (5 if counting release year) year old laptop is dying and the new schoolyear is approaching I am in need of a new device. Would this be a good replacement? The laptop was way heavier at 2,5KG but had a larger screen and a clockspeed of 2,5GHz. I might also consider the surface book pro but since Since I have a gaming desktop now and will only use the new device for school I really don't need too fancy hardware.

  8. Quinn IsHappy

    why dont all these companies do discounts as budles when you pen and keyboard?

  9. ElGrandeBanana

    I might buy one for my grandmother. She needs something that she can use as a real computer, but is not by a mile someone that needs much. The surface products are easy 'plug and go' devices that just work much better than other comparable things.

  10. Dream Walker

    I have a question
    did anyone tried to upgrade its hard drive to 500 GB.? I wonder if there are any issues doing that or not?

  11. An interesting comparison could be done for the Surface Go (245 mm x 175 mm x 8.30 mm, 522 grams w/o keyboard) with Huawei MateBook E (278.8 mm x 194.1 mm x 6.9 mm, 640 grams) that has seen some significant price-cuts (Though MatePen is elusive ) almost matching Surface Go in pricing (for 128 GB storage and 8 GB RAM configuration). The latter is close to the Surface Go in size due its greater screen-to-body ratio boasting a 12" display with higher resolution.

  12. If there's any other laptop in this and in these features they'll say it's gross but because this is Microsoft it's not you can find better things don't buy this…….

  13. Mohammed Murtaza

    how would you compare this to the Lenovo Yoga C630 with the snapdragon 850 processor ?

  14. I just got this but it is only for documentation. My job requires me to document all the time. So with the pen, I can do this very easily. And print all my documentation out. That was my main reason. I honestly hate tablets. I have had ipads, Glaxcy tablets but always just end up giving them away to family. But with this job I need something inexpensive with word and a pen.

  15. Patrícia Conde

    Its possible to install popcorn in surface go?

    Kiss from Portugal 😘

  16. David F

    Can you use a micro SD card instead of the eMMC drive?

  17. Roger Shew

    I bought the 4GB model. It's a great piece of tech. Fast enough for my needs of taking hand written notes, Netflix, word docs, browsing . It's feel really well made and the screen resolution is fantastic.

  18. Cambaudio

    It can also kinda be an Android tablet. I'm running Bluestacks full screen on my Go. Works pretty good! This is the beauty of a Windows device. You can do anything you want on it.

  19. I want it for a secondary device, but not sure the go, pro, pixel slate or HP folio or HP spectre. What do u think?

  20. Brian S

    Got one for my mom for Christmas. Should be good for her

  21. Reuben

    Thought about updating my 6yr old Laptopo and get something for photo editing. Not interested in a Mac or running Photoshop and spending days editing. Currently editing photos on My Note 8 and VSCO

  22. E. Meg

    In Europe you pay more than 400 dollars, Europeans pay 449 euro exclusive any accesoires, what is about the same as 500 dollars for the bare product.

  23. Im a Uni Student and i am contemplating what to buy. I have a Asus 15,6 Inch Notebook and cant bring that one with me everywhere. Its 6 years old now but bcs i didnt use it everyday it has to problems. I want a devise like this one to study in Uni/the librabry etc but i am not sure if i will like it. I had a Asus Transformer Tablet and it was very useful but performance wise it was not the best. I wanna invest in something that will last me at least 4-5 years and that is my biggest issue. Most devises give up on me after 2 years 😑😑😑

  24. karl peart

    Emmc storage isn't slow at all it's considerably faster than a HDD drive. I have the 4gb version and it's fantastic I'm fed up n I mean really fed up of crappy reviewers like you disregarding entry level tech without even trying it first. The entry level go performs fantastically

  25. Julian Weiser

    The Surface go… sigh… It would have been so perfect to have as a student but the price tag and the bad pen turned me off. The Samsung Galaxy book literally wrecks this thing for 150€ less with stylus and keyboard included in the box and an m3 processor.

  26. Anthony H

    I’m getting it for school. Is it good for school?

  27. Mickey Zinabu

    Should I buy the 4 gb ram with 128gb for a primary laptop plz help me out here ?

  28. RaduTek

    I got my Surface Go for a steal at a bit more than $300 in 'used' conditions (aka almost brand new, barely used) more than a year ago with 8GB of RAM and the type cover and it's the best laptop I've ever had, coming from an ASUS Windows 10 tablet with an Atom. I got into gaming with my Go, which does handle Minecraft pretty well (the Bedrock version, Java doesn't offer the best experience performance-wise) and that game is probably the biggest reason why I'm planning to upgrade to a Surface Laptop 3. I love the great experience that Microsoft was able to make at a budget price (even for the retail full price it's very good).

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