Millennium Falcon vs. X-Wing – Star Wars Drones Review

An unboxing and my thoughts on the remote control Star Wars Drones. Which one is the best?
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Music: FILI – Sunset
Intro track: Robotaki – Raton Laveur

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  1. Maurice Palomino

    while as i was watching your video i was charging my millennium falcon rc

  2. Krayt-Dragon70

    Can't get my falcon to actually turn left or right it just sort of lists left and right like it flies in the films. Is there a way to actually make it turn because I surely can't get it to ?

  3. Troll Guy

    Well I would buy these but there made by air hogs :/

  4. CarloSteady

    great review. and also not editing the part where you guys just shake the tree the whole time is funny. still very informative on everything especially on the experience of playing with the 2 air hogs. Thumbs up!

  5. GeloYellowTV

    Great review! I found you through this video and subbed. Your videos are so high in quality! Love it

  6. Mr911vans

    This is SO COOL. For me it's the Quad at 100% !!!! You can get some indoor drone skill in winter, try the new hard to get Star Wars Drone. Very cheap and durable, I juts introduce my 7 year old with that. Got it from those guys in 3 days.

  7. NosePrint

    Great review, Q: is there a range for the X wing?

  8. Buccaneer's Reef

    The X-Wing sucks. It doesn't steer well at all and there are no flaps or controls to manipulate altitude. I can get it to do about three full large circles in a field before it comes down and that was with lots of practice and very light wind. At least you get some exercise chasing it around to relaunch it.

  9. J tet

    Millenium Falcon is NOT A DRONE! 1st id cut the wires to the speaker. 2nd rip out that stupid puny battery get 2-3 replacable batts and charge em w a proper charger……NOT A DRONE

  10. ZertyTway

    i saw a millennium Falcon with flips and a remote that looks like the millennium falcon

  11. Roy Saavedra

    LOL is this video shot in Woodbridge Ontario Canada… I recognize that park Valley Woods beside St Emily

  12. Izanagi

    i love all ur videos!! the quality is so good.

  13. MDUBZ

    Where do you live? I like your apartment

  14. August Lyons

    I had to cut flaps in the canards and remove the half-shell dummy engines (ney cells?) to lighten it since its over weight and low powered, those adjustments help make it fly easier.

  15. Nelson quimby jr

    that tree took hell  "LOL  love  it   happy  flying    these  are  cool   🙂  thanks  for  sharing

  16. Bang Mai

    It's only 50 bucks now and at that price I couldn't pass it up.

  17. Jude Mason

    i got the millineom falcon drone 50% off at some store the day afeter christmas

  18. CT

    Bought me the falcon for $25 buck at Walmart.

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