MINIX NEO Z100 0dB An All New Totally Silent Low Power Windows 11 Mini PC

In this video we take look at the at the all new MINIX NEO Z100 0dB Mini PC, its passively cooled so no fans, no noise and performance is pretty awesome for a low power mini PC. We do an unboxing, run some benchmarks, Test out some 4k Video playback , Indie games and Emulation!

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  1. @ezg8448

    Fanless is cool, but at that size and wattages, a fan is acceptable. Small fans are barely audible, even at very high RPMs.

  2. @bleeb1347

    Yawn. Another paid advertisement from ETA. At least it’s not another 780m mini PC, but “the best” mini PC is NOT an Intel n100 mini PC…😂

  3. What the hell can't do 4K video playback? Who really cares if it can do 4k video playback

  4. @mikecolles8907

    I would like to see you play F1 sim game to see how well these mini PCs run something like that

  5. @Toxicnation2404

    I Want To Add GPU To Mini PC , But Question Is Can We Power Mini PC With Power Supply We Are Using For GPU ??

  6. @yougoonie3338

    ETA you're the best!!! if only the world knew what they could do with low powered electricity mini pc's. Makes you think if the higher power systems are truly a scam. Long live electricity!

  7. @MainStreetMesa

    The use case that this makes a lot of sense for is for podcast recorders who want to have a high quality recording with sensitive microphones. Fanless pc running the recording software would eliminate fan noise.

  8. @chromerims

    Thx ETA. Minix 0db N100 is definitely a premium product. Huge chunk of cooling block is a nice luxury.

  9. @eillylee1205

    Z100-0dB and Z100-AERO, our pioneering comeback MiniPCs that mark just the start of our renewed journey. Merging silence with speed, these first two members of our expanding family showcase our commitment to innovation and quality.

  10. @srvuk

    There is a lot of competition in the N100 sector and this just doesn't have enough about it to rally distinguish itself at the price being charged. That warning sticker about the heat on the top (that wasn't mentioned) would concern me and the lack of DDR5 is another downside in comparison to some of the competition. Minix are better known for Android boxes, which were also rather more expensive than the competition but tended to provide better firmware and support. But this is X86 and does not require the same more specialised attention.

    So with just one major factor that makes it different, it just doesn't cut the mustard for me. They need to bring the price down closer to £$€200 to hope to compete. The power draw is less than others, so might indicate that the top would get even hotter if it drew the more typical 25-8w at max that we see from other boxes.

  11. @hyperion4001

    Moar power! I'd love to see this running at a higher TDP to see how well that heatsink copes.

  12. I kinda regret buying these mini PC because, unlike laptops, their resale value is low. They are not as desirable as laptops. I recently switched to a laptop and for so long I've been trying to sell my mini PC online. No one is even trying to make an offer to buy it even though the specs of it are pretty decent.

  13. @PCGODD

    Hey ETA!

  14. @szymon4602

    Is this even possible to run comfortably in Win11? I have an Asus N100 itx and despite 16GB RAM, the work is not comfortable, YT loads the processor in the browser especially heavily. It's not about the video itself.

    For comparison, I bought Ryzen 5300U and the difference is colossal in favor of Ryzen

  15. @d1noooooo

    Thanks, would want to see how it copes with higher TDP

  16. @jpears1100

    Did you enable C-States in the BIOS before doing the benchmarks? Robtech did a review on it a couple months ago and he mentioned that Minix contacted him and told him to go into the bios and enable it. He got about 15% better single-core performance after doing so. Minix also have a post on their forums about how to do it. Apparently, they mistakenly defaulted it to disabled in early versions but have said later versions will have it enabled. I bought one about two weeks ago and it was disabled.

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