Mirthwood – Official Announcement Teaser Trailer

Watch the announcement teaser for Mirthwood to learn more about the story and world of this upcoming RPG life sim game.


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  1. 25taylor91

    Fantasy game comes out:

    Everyone: iT’s A SouLSboURne gAmE

  2. Rs0

    Will this be cooperative?

  3. Gabriel

    getting a lot of LOTR vibes lol but mostly the music and narrator doing that lol

  4. Ed boot

    when you sprinkle macaroni with cheese for 50k dollars)

  5. nikolai iliev

    This game looks like DInk Smallwood from 1999 . Very nice !

  6. Hayley Davidson

    Wow this game looks beautiful, however it’d be nice to see some feminine sprites

  7. Seba

    This needs a Switch release too!

  8. Prixm

    Mirthwood is my favorite game – Mike Tyson

  9. Schadenfreude

    Graphics looks like yet another Cheap Mobile Phone port. 🙂

  10. Sean D

    Mirthwood? Really? What a way to get around The Lord of the Rings' "Mirkwood." The writers couldn't come up with a more original title?

  11. Chris

    Farming sims get me every single time

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