Modem vs Router – What’s the difference?

This is an animated video describing the difference between a modem and a router. It discusses how a modem works and how a router works.
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  1. David Arundel

    I'm on my 3rd modem , from Huawei . Each in the last 2 years so far has broken down – all modems , have been faulty – that's tech stuff and me – can't even run a car without it breaking down in or out of warranty , 🤭🤔😵‍💫

  2. Margee

    WOW! Made so clear, and diagrams helps magnificently.

  3. Lance Zimmer

    I think it confuses people when they get a modem/router from the cable company.
    If you like, you can do a DIY router using an old computer/laptop. Routers are often under powered ASECs.
    Also, that router with multiple ports is a router with a switch on it. Companies will often have smart switches.
    You want a router even if you have just one device…

  4. Hrishiii

    Perfect, that's the word for this video, absolutely perfect!

  5. EoN

    it blows my mind that people have access to the internet, and still come to youtube for easy gains (too bad they're not really gains) stay stupid friends!

  6. AL AC

    Very beautifully explained. Thank you. I wish university teachers explain any subject like that.

  7. SenuRenu

    If I have modem that abs built in internet can’t I use a router to extend the wifi?

  8. What if I do all my business on my laptop and not a desktop? Do I still need a modem? Or can I just get a router

  9. ☓ Noct ☓

    So wireless modem would need a router to have a better connection for say, gaming and streaming?

  10. Thomas Lam

    Great video, Thank You

    PowerCert Animated Videos

    Love, from Australia.

  11. Self Elements

    Who's actually responsible for managing peer connections? The modem or the router (if modem bridged)?

  12. Zaku Zeon

    When using a cable modem, isn't another option to use a coaxial cable splitter, and then run multiple coaxial wires to multiple modems which can then connect to multiple computers without using a router?

  13. Muthoni K.

    Finally, I understand what modems and routers do! Thank you so much.

  14. Fernando Jackson

    Great Presentation. So we can tap directly into the Internet using a modem? What then is the goal/function of an ISP?

  15. Fernando Jackson

    Great presentation again.I'm not sure if I misunderstood you, but in another video you seem to have said that routers are used to connect between networks, as they can read IP addresses, while switches connect within networks, as they can /do read MAC addresses, so they relay messages to individual devices.

  16. Unknown

    Thanks for the vídeo. Regards from México

  17. Vietnam Vet

    I'm looking to get a POE security camera and I have internet through Suddenlink no cable. The camera gets its power through an ethernet cable. I would Like to use a separate modem just for the camera can I do this. It's a 4K 8mp camera made by Reolink.

  18. rien dessus

    WOooooo thanks to you i learned something i wasn''t clear about since years :O thank you so much!!!

  19. Christ Noel

    Verry good video, i'd like to know how can i do ths kind of video please? Wich software to use ?

  20. Slayz

    can you run a cable from a modem to a switch and then to devices ?

  21. Vineeth P

    Is semi managable and un managable switch are same

  22. PowerCert videos always makes my networking concept clear.I am very thankfull for that.

  23. h

    If I were to connect my computer directly to the modem, how would that work? I was taught that in order to access the Internet I HAVE TO have a router.

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